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Clomid 50mg

Clomid 50mg

Clomid 50mg

Brand :Cipla
Product Code :628
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Package: 50 mg/tab. (10 tab.)
Substance: clomiphene citrate
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General information about Clomid Hubei in the US and the UK

Clomid Hubei (50 mg / tab) 30 tabs

The drug acts on the main receptors, so it is able to influence significantly the likelihood of symptoms in the body of certain side effects of anabolic steroids.

A few words must be said about the duration of the course. As in some cases with other medications for the treatment after the course, taking on average, most bodybuilders lasts 2-3 weeks. Significant is that exceed this level is not recommended, instead of the expected a good result, it is possible to appear a totally different way, quite the opposite.

It is a drug not a synthetic steroid, which resembles the structure of estrogen. It is widely used as a stimulating ovulation. Have similarity with estrogen, which can bind to estrogen in the hypothalamus. This prevents that the hypothalamus to determine the "real" estrogen and the hypothalamus, in turn, makes the pituitary to secrete more gonadotropins, such as FSH and LH. FSH and LH stimulate the ovaries, testes produce more estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

The property of clomiphene is widely used in the treatment of women with premature ovarian failure and the induction of ovulation. However, the long-term of this drug is not safe, since it increases the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Clomid is a potent drug. However, subject to the adequate dose and the shortest duration of treatment can help with female infertility

Clomiphene dose

The most effective dose of drug from a particular manufacturer and this dose is considered ranging from 100 to 150 mg per day. Not recommended a greater amount of drug-taking, because you can not only get rid of the unwanted side effects, but also to bring even more of them, and will only worsen the situation. Therefore, as in the case of other Anabolics, the golden rule must be strict adherence to dosage and all recommendations and the advice of your doctor.

Clomiphene side effects in the US

If taking Clomid for a short period of time and that these doses, adhere to is completely safe. The majority of adverse reactions caused by Clomid, are temporary and disappear after cessation of use.

However, in the case of non-compliance with all recommendations for acceptance can occur side effects such as redness, abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, headaches, abnormal vaginal bleeding, general fatigue and irritability, hair loss.

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