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Cteroidnye cycles

Cteroidnye cycles

Formation of effective steroid cycle - a task very difficult, especially if you want to at the same time to avoid side effects. In principle, there are two basic ways to create an effective and relatively safe cycles:

Selection of dosages and receive modes, providing the maximum desired effects with minimal side effects. For example, some schemes allow to minimize the negative impact of steroids on the production of natural testosterone. The most effective way, but by and large, it requires conducting clinical experiments. even within the same group of athletes (eg, law enforcers) the results obtained when the same procedure may be directly opposite. The most versatile in the sense circuit intermittent, ie taking medication a day or two or a short cycle (a few days) with the same short breaks.

Suppression of side effects and / or enhancing the desired effect of the drug using other drugs - so-called "stacking". The method seems to be much simpler than the previous one, because it requires only the selection of the appropriate doses. But although successful stacking to reduce the effective dosages, thereby reducing the side effects really, really need to carefully analyze the possible interactions between the drugs. Most often to prevent effects such as gynecomastia and weaken the synthesis of testosterone by the testes, used human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and aromatase blockers. Gonadotropin activates the release of luteinizing hormone (LH), testosterone regulating and antiaromataznye agents inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Let's start with the first method. As a result, long-term observations quite manage to form a concept, in principle, suitable for solving common problems of sport. Note: given me examples DO not be copied "one to one"! Each of them is based on the results of one or more athletes with careful consideration of many factors: features of a constitution, training mode, power supply and so on. reception program for building muscle

In this article, I give an example of a specific program, which was successfully used in bodybuilding. The athlete, who followed this program completed four to six-week cycle (only for two out of every six weeks were used considerable amounts of steroids), with a total of 11.3 kg of muscles and dropping 2.2 kg of fat. The last three cycles were given in the amount of 6.4 kg of muscle gain and reset 6.4 kg of fat. Supplementation lasted 24 weeks consecutively, and yet, decrease in the amount of eggs was observed, despite the fact that gonadotrophin unused.

Preserved as a normal function of reproductive organs by any criteria after giving up steroids (with one exception). So it seems LH production remained sufficient to ensure a normal level of testosterone in the course of four consecutive cycles.

This program looked slightly wrong, as described herein, for the four cycles, as it varied slightly with time. Here is the latest version. The athlete, who followed her, believes that this version could from the outset to provide equally good or even maximum results. The choice of drugs

Trenbolone acetate (50 mg / day) and methandrostenolone (10 mg five times a day) was chosen for all cycles except the last, which is also used Winstrol® Depot (50 mg / day). Clomid used usually at a dose of 100 mg / day, when receiving 50 mg per day methandrostenolone, and 50 mg / day in other cases.

Cytadren took 250 mg / day (125 mg after the lift, then 62.5 mg after six and twelve hours) when methandrostenolone dose was 50 mg / day, and only 125 mg / day, after the lift, when the dose was methandrostenolone 20 mg / day.