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Drying and fat burning

Drying and fat burning

As already known, the drying process can be divided into fat burning and podvodku form. Today we will talk about the first aspect. At once we will notice, all material applied by us is intended for usual visitors of training rooms. At us you will not find the information on how to lower fatty percent to such critical figures as 5% -6% which as a matter of fact threaten human health.

Over the past winter season, you probably managed to gain a few pounds of cherished muscle mass. So, our goal with us is to burn fat, and at the same time, practically do not lose everything that has been accumulated. It is this condition that alters the entire theory of fat burning.


In fact, I wanted only to explain the difference between subcutaneous (brown) fat and internal (visceral) fat. The first is what is being laid around you around the abdomen, on the hands, chest, hips, etc. It is because of it that your muscles look like simple pieces of meat. The only thing that pleases is that it's possible to burn it, than we are with you and will do it. But here the second kind of fatty acids is called by no means an internal one, it accumulates in our vessels, internal organs and other inaccessible places. If you see a big belly, without characteristic fatty folds, ie. Stretched like a watermelon, then here is just the same visceral fat. To combat it, absolutely different methods, as a rule, of a medical nature are needed. Usually the problem lies in the endocrine system and the excess of bad cholesterol, which we discussed in the article about fats in the diet.

Importance of a diet in the UK

First of all, it should be noted that drying is based on a diet. Do not even think about following the previous diet. All your efforts in the hall will be meaningless without a competent diet. By the way, these two factors are directly proportional to each other, that is, thanks to a diet alone it is impossible to get the desired result. In one of the following articles, we will look at the diet when drying, but for now only say that the main rule: the amount of incoming calories should be less than the consumed ones. If the rule is not respected, then even the most ingenious training program will not help you. However, here you can not resort to fanaticism, otherwise you will begin to lose weight, and mainly because of muscle mass. Because the body is more beneficial to store fat than inactive muscles. In general, callorah is reduced by carbohydrates and fats, the proteins remain in the same amount. Such actions will enable us to proceed to the next point.

Helping the body

At the moment, the sports nutrition industry can offer you a huge number of pre-training complexes and fat burners, which we talked about in previous articles. They really can help you achieve the desired goal more quickly, but you should not rely on them from the first day. Let the body gradually enter the rhythm of drying and believe, it will respond to you only with positive reactions.

Fat Burning Training

The first thing that is required of you is the introduction of aerobic loads, which, as a rule, do not use muscles, but the fat from the abdomen and sides. It should be noted that any anaerobic (power) work can not pass due to fatty acids, as their splitting requires a huge time for the standards of the body. In addition, they are not oxidized by the standard route, and as a consequence can not be used by skeletal muscles. However, for simple aerobic exercises, subcutaneous fat fits better than others.

It is worth noting that if you in the United States switch purely to aerobics, then your body will not need to keep the musculature in reserve, so that he begins to disassemble it for amino acids, as if a child breaks a house of a designer. That's why you need an appropriate training program.

Principles of training construction

The main rule: the more we burn calories during the training, the more fat in the end we will lose. As you probably know, the most energy-intensive are the basic (multi-joint) exercises. That's why we will make an accent on them.

It is known that the goal of any training is reduced to applying microtraumas to the muscular group, which are subsequently restored, and two important processes are happening - compensation and supercompensation, as a result of which our muscles grow. However, very few people know that these processes exist only with the normal energy exchange of a person. Deficiency of calories will not allow you to recover, and on drying we are obliged to test their deficiency. Well, if the muscles do not recover, then in time they just collapse. The fact is that the body is easier to get rid of damaged fibers than to spend precious energy on them, of course, all this is only true in conditions of caloric deficit.

So it turns out that we need a mode of operation in which the damage in the muscles will be minimal. Under this description, only "pumping" is suitable. Recall, the number of repetitions during such a procedure should fluctuate in the range of 15-20. Of course, working weights must be enormously reduced, otherwise you will not be able to avoid micro-injuries. The indicator of a correctly chosen working weight is the presence of a strong "burning" in the target muscle group after a turn of 15 repetitions. Few people know that the pumping mode of training is much more energy-intensive than the standard one.

How energy costs are considered? It is very simple - with the help of training tonnage. We will explain in more detail. Suppose you can squeeze a weight of 140 kg for 5-6 repetitions, while it is logical to assume that you easily shake 70kg by 20 times. Tonnage is considered by a simple formula, for the first case: 140x6 = 840kg, for the second: 70x20 = 1400kg. Of course, the higher the tonnage, the energy-intensive training. So it turns out that with the same number of sets, you exhaust yourself much more than usual.

Such a large energy expenditure will certainly cause an acceleration of metabolism, and this in turn is one of the key factors in the cycle of fat burning. Another plus of pumping is to stimulate the proper operation of the cardiovascular system, which in turn increases the tone of the vessels that deliver blood to the muscles. As a result, such a seemingly simple training session will allow you not to lose muscle, and at the same time to achieve the desired result.

It is important to know

It would seem that the drying is not very difficult, but we did not highlight the shortcomings and other negative aspects that you will definitely encounter. It's about the constant tension of the psyche. The fact is that against the background of the lack of a large number of calories and the constant exhausting high-intensity work your psyche will work at the limit of its possible. This hinders both in life and in training. In the first case, you become very irritable, reacting literally to every little thing, and this in turn creates stress that causes the body to release cortisol (a hormone that produces amino acids, destroying your muscles) so that it gives you the calories you need. So be ready to curb your nervous breakdowns, otherwise your work will not pay off in the end.

As for training, it will focus on doing the exercise, it will be very difficult. The CNS is overloaded, which means that you will have to get used to its "failures" when performing heavy basic exercises. That's why we do not recommend you to work exclusively with free weights, try to combine them with simulators, otherwise you will sooner or later go mad.

Introduction of different principles

By the way, it is because of the constant tension of your psyche that training should not last more than an hour. However, we forgot about another plus the absence of large microdamages. As such, their absence will allow you to recover 1.5-2 times faster. Of course, to train the same muscle group will be much more often, and this will keep the muscles in a tone.

It is worth noting the importance of applying different principles of compaction training, thanks to which for the same unit of time you will perform a record amount of power work. This includes supersets (superseries), drop-sets, forced repeats and even negatives. However, if your work experience does not exceed a mark of one year, then it is worth forgetting about these innovations. You simply drive yourself into a state of overtraining.

The result

Let's recall all that we talked about today. You must remember that training should be based on basic movements, which are the most energy intensive. In addition, all exercises are performed only in the pumping style with the addition of various techniques, such as drop-sets, supersets, etc. As for the duration of the training, it should be small.