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How to pump a wide back?

How to pump a wide back?

Nothing will give your body as much awesomeness and power as a beautiful wide back. After all, it is she who guarantees the construction of a reference V-shaped physique. Moreover, it is the powerful wide back that will cause the opposite sex to think of you as a defender, like a man behind which like a stone wall. And you can get such a back, following a few simple tips.


For some reason, this exercise is often underestimated and is performed at best for warm-up. But it is in pull-ups that the greatest potential lies in the development of the widest muscles of the back. Perform tightening to the chest with a wide or medium grip the first exercise on the day of training your back. The most effective range of repetitions in the US is from 6 to 10. If you pull up more than 10 times - it's time to start pulling up with weights. Well, if you are only at the beginning of the athlete's path and with pull-ups you have not yet developed, you can perform traction in a vertical block. Do not forget to gradually increase the load, in order to eventually move to pull-ups.

Do traction

Roughly speaking, the main function of the latissimus muscles of the back is to pull the arms toward the body. Therefore, only by pulling, you can pump a beautiful wide back. It is to the upper tracts that pullings are involved. Also to the traction are such exercises as rod rod in slope, T-shaped traction, draft dumbbells in slope, horizontal thrust in the block. These exercises in the US and the UK should be an integral part of your back muscles training program.

A little bit about deadlift

Deadlift. For some, this exercise is elevated to the cult, others do not even guess its existence. And if they do, they certainly are not going to do it ...

The deadlift has its own special role in building a beautiful V-shaped torso. On the one hand, its effect on the latissimus muscles of the back is minimal. Therefore, do not focus on this exercise alone for athletes, for whom the aesthetic component is important, and not the strength indicators.

On the other hand, in our sport in general, and when pumping the back in particular, it is very important to have a strong loin. This is the foundation that allows you to safely work with more significant weights in the remaining exercises. And the deadlift helps to create this foundation.

It would be prudent to put a deadlift into the last exercise in your back muscles training program.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that problems with the lower back are very common among modern people, especially those who are engaged in heavy training. Perhaps they will need the treatment of the lumbosacral spine.

Advantages of a wide back mass. It greatly improves our appearance, making us wider and more massive. Muscles of the back are the second largest muscle group, so when you train your back, you also struggle with excess weight. Against the background of a broad back and waist looks already. And applying our simple tips to pump a beautiful wide back is not at all difficult! Good luck!