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Nutrition after exercise

Greetings to all our readers! Today we will touch on one of the most important topics of bodybuilding - the right food after exercise. You will learn what exactly is and how long after the end of your studies. Learn about our body features, which dictate these rules. Also, we will consider the nuances of post-workout nutrition, not only for those who wish to gain weight, but also for those who want to lose weight. In general, it will be very interesting, my friends, so let's get started!

Proper nutrition after training in the US

As you know, food in bodybuilding - this is one of the most important aspects of a successful construction of beautiful and strong body. You can not just go to the gym, drag it with the iron and lead a normal life, with the usual, for a simple layman, diet. Food is very important. What does the food after a workout - it is generally separate issue that requires detailed consideration and a good understanding.

After working out in the hall, we are launching a major biochemical processes, which ideally should be completed by the increase in muscle strength and volume. But will it happen in reality, very much depends on how you are going to eat in general and after training in particular.

To build musculature in the US and the UK, you need carbohydrates, as energy sources and proteins, as sources of material for new muscle fibers. Accordingly, the obvious conclusion suggests that after the training it would not be bad to refuel properly with products rich in these substances. But the question is, when and in what quantities should they be taken? Knowing the answer to it, you can at times increase the impact of your hard work in the gym.

The importance of carbohydrates after a workout

So what carbohydrates after training is important - it is an indisputable fact. It remains only to understand what are carbohydrates and after some time they need to use. This we now turn.

The most suitable carbohydrates in the post training period will be fast carbs. They are called fast because they are simple in composition and quickly and easily absorbed by the body. Why do we need just such carbohydrates? The fact is that when you train hard and intensely, you are exposed to severe stress your body and muscles in particular. Energy supply your body after a workout at the minimum level and the brain receives a signal about the need for early recovery it. Naturally we here speed is important and that the rate of assimilation, because the sooner we shall fill their energy reserves, the faster the recovery process will go directly muscle growth.

What products can be categorized as containing fast carbohydrates? This fruit, a variety of sweets, white bread, honey and rich flour products. During the day, of course it is better not to get involved, but after the training, they will be simply irreplaceable. Eat 70-100 grams of carbohydrate fast for 30-40 minutes after classes end. This will provide quick energy to your body, slow the catabolic process and start the process of recovery.

After some time, usually about 1-2 hours after a workout, when your stomach has to recover from training stress, you can lean on a full meal consisting of protein and slow carbohydrates. It can be a variety of cereals, vegetables and potatoes. Carbohydrates contained in them, are slowly and evenly absorbed by the body, gradually filling your energy reserves.

The importance of protein after training

Proteins, as you know, is also an important component of your post training diet. After all, your muscles start to grow, they need a building material for the formation of new cells, than in fact is the protein. However, eating protein immediately after exercise is no longer justified.

As we said above, the digestive system needs time to recover after exercise and begin to function fully. So, during heavy exercise, the whole blood flow is directed mainly in the muscles and deprives attention to other internal organs. In consequence of this, their work is more broken and they are not able to perform it in its entirety. In this case, this applies to the stomach and the digestive system as a whole.

Therefore, downloading your stomach protein immediately after your workout, you give it an excessive burden, with which he is not yet able to cope. Digestion of proteins and their digestion into amino acids, the process is time-consuming and can not be made until your stomach is not ready for operation. On this basis, we conclude that eating protein immediately after exercise is not recommended. Their reception will be justified and necessary after 1-2 hours after the end of the occupation force.

But do not be upset, my friends. Immediately after training, could and should take BCAA amino acids . Since amino acids - this is the finished product of processing of proteins, they absolutely do not load your esophagus and start immediately absorbed into the muscle. This technique completely protect you from catabolism and starts the process of muscle growth in the first minutes after the workout. But do not forget about fast carbohydrates, because without them, BCAA's action in this case will be very small and will go to energy recovery, and not to increase muscle.


To sum up a little. What you need to eat after a workout, and after some time? 
Immediately after training , during the first 30-40 minutes after its completion, close the so-called "carbohydrate window" products rich in the fast carbs and amino acids possible.

After 1-2 hours after training proceed to full food intake, comprising a slow carbohydrates, proteins, and the minimum amount of fat. With that, if it is already evening, that is, 6-7 pm, it gives preference to proteins rather than carbohydrates. At that time, both the breakfast opposite - eat more carbohydrates. This can be explained by the fact that in the late afternoon our energy-exchange processes are slowed down and the excess amount of carbohydrate foods, you will likely hips or belly as fat. On the morning of the same, our body is poised to receive a large amount of energy and carbohydrate food, it will only benefit.

Before going to bed , be sure to eat foods high in protein, only the protein casein should be, that is, those who for a long time to digest. The most common product, rich in this kind of protein is the curd. Eat about 200-250 grams of curd for 1 hour before bedtime and you will ensure yourself a steady amino acid pattern throughout the night. If desired, the cheese can be replaced with casein protein, it is more convenient and less will load your digestive system as it goes on in the form of a liquid.

Nutrition after a workout for weight loss in the UK

If you go to the gym with the aim to lose weight, your post-workout nutrition should be different from the above in the bud. So, make up your carbohydrate reserves for you is acceptable immediately after strength training. Why? Let's face it.

Exercising in the hall, you will burn an enormous amount of energy, of course, if you train really high quality, and not sochkuete. Initially, the first 20-25 minutes of training, the body works to "carbohydrate fuel" that is, will consume only carbohydrates and fats do not touch. Further, when the supply of fuel runs out, in the course are the reserves of your body that is fat. From this point on, the power or aerobic exercise begin to pursue your goal to lose weight.

This occurs as follows. When energy is needed for physical activity, and glycogen reserves come to an end (glycogen - are the same carbohydrates, but processed by the body into an energy reserve), begin the process of splitting fat cells, molecules which, through the blood enter the "metabolic furnace". That is burned, releasing the energy we need to continue training.

After the end of the training, these fat molecules in the blood is still big set, and they will be a source of restoring energy reserves, as long as you do not get a portion of the carbohydrates in food. And for you as a person losing weight, it is important to delay as much as possible intake of carbohydrates in the body, because if that happens, the energy recovery already they will be engaged, and the fat molecules return to their former places.

Therefore, useful advice for you. If you lose weight, then after exercise do not eat carbohydrate foods for 1-2 hours. The maximum that you can and will need to take - is the BCAA's, which will protect you from losing muscle tissue. You do not want with the fat burning and muscle, right? But do not also fanatet, generally ignoring carbohydrates after a workout. If you are more than 2 hours to defer receipt of carbohydrate foods in your body, it very likely will begin to actively lose muscle. Since the launch strong catabolic processes, which destroy muscle fibers for energy.

That's probably all. These were the key issues in nutrition after exercise. Follow these rules and you will see how your progress is essential to improve and accelerate. And remember that proper nutrition in bodybuilding, is one of the main components beautiful and strong body. A bad diet will negate all your efforts in the gym. Avoid this mistake ever!

Understanding CrossFit

The creators of the popular CrossFit fitness system in the US argue that the goals, purpose, methodology, implementation and adaptation of the crossfit system in general and in particular are unique and determine the success of the cross-program in various areas.


From the very beginning, CrossFit's goal was to achieve a broad, general and comprehensive preparedness.

The creators of the KF say that they tried to develop a program that would best prepare the trainees for any physical activity - prepared them not only for the unknown, but also for the unknowable.

Evaluating all sports and physical activities in general, they wondered which physical skills and adaptations are most universal in achieving physical benefits. The basis and the crossfit system looked for the overall performance required to perform any sporting tasks and, quite logically, inherent in any of the sports.

In short, the specialization of crossfit is the refusal of specialization.


The recipe for CrossFit is "constantly variable, high-intensity, functional movements". Functional movements use universal patterns of motor recruitment, they are performed by contraction from the core to the extremities and are complex, that is, multiarticular. These movements are natural and effective for moving the body and external objects. However, the most important aspect of functional movements is their ability to move large loads to long distances, and do it quickly. Together, these three attributes (weight, distance and speed) determine the ability of functional movements to produce high power.

Intensity is defined precisely as power, and intensity is an independent variable and is most often associated with maximizing adaptations to loads. In the light of the fact that the breadth and depth of the training stimulus of the program determine the breadth and depth of the adaptation achieved, the CF recipe for the use of functionality and intensity varies continuously.

CrossFit argues that preparing for occasional physical activity - that is, to unknown and unpredictable events - is incompatible with a rigidly fixed, predictable and routine training regimen.


The methodology that manages the crossfit program in the UK is completely empirical. Crossfit believes that such characteristics as safety, efficiency and effectiveness (the three most important and interrelated aspects of any physical training program) can be assessed only on the basis of measurable, clear and repetitive facts, that is, on data. In crossfit, this approach is called "evidence-based".

CrossFit methodology depends on the general availability of methods, results and criticism, and for this purpose we use the Internet, as well as various local networks. The co-developers of our program are any trainer on cross-trainer and an athlete who is part of a free and fruitful on-line community.

CrossFit is empirically validated, clinically tested and developed by the community.


In practical application, the crossfit system, to put it simply, sports is a "sport of physical training". The principle of natural partnership, healthy competition and the pleasure of training or games are able to maintain an intensity that is not achieved by other means. As one good person said, "the fear of a sport failure is greater than the fear of death."

The founders of the crossfire in the US and the UK noticed that people are ready to literally die for their glasses.

Using information boards to record results, accurate recording of results and records, a stopwatch and clearly defined rules and standards for performing movements, crossfit trainers not only motivate athletes for unprecedented performance, but also can measure absolute and relative indicators at each workout. These data are of high value in themselves.


CrossFit characterizes the commitment to physical training based on facts, data on physical productivity published in public, cooperation with other trainers in program development and openness of the system as a whole. This allowed CrossFit developers to learn important lessons from the program - lessons on adaptations achieved by cross-training.

Crossfit increases performance over a wide range of time in different modal domains. This discovery was very important for motivating our efforts. This comprehensive increase in performance corresponds to our initially stated goals of building a program for broad, holistic and comprehensive physical training. It also explains the variety of sports tasks pursued in crossfit, expressed in the deep penetration of CrossFit into various sports and physical activities.

The creators of the crossfit system say that they have come to the conclusion that the growing efficiency is a holy grail of physical productivity, and all other parameters such as IPC, lactate threshold, body building and even strength and flexibility are its derivatives.

Crossfit against achieving improvements in any of the physical parameters at the expense of efficiency.


With modest publications in 2001 of the first daily training programs, the crossfit evolved into a community in which human performance is measured and publicly recorded, and compared for a variety of varied and fixed training loads.

CrossFit is an open source program where anyone can demonstrate their understanding of fitness and creating training programs, and where coaches, instructors and athletes are able to collectively develop the art and science of optimizing human performance.

How to pump a wide back?

Nothing will give your body as much awesomeness and power as a beautiful wide back. After all, it is she who guarantees the construction of a reference V-shaped physique. Moreover, it is the powerful wide back that will cause the opposite sex to think of you as a defender, like a man behind which like a stone wall. And you can get such a back, following a few simple tips.


For some reason, this exercise is often underestimated and is performed at best for warm-up. But it is in pull-ups that the greatest potential lies in the development of the widest muscles of the back. Perform tightening to the chest with a wide or medium grip the first exercise on the day of training your back. The most effective range of repetitions in the US is from 6 to 10. If you pull up more than 10 times - it's time to start pulling up with weights. Well, if you are only at the beginning of the athlete's path and with pull-ups you have not yet developed, you can perform traction in a vertical block. Do not forget to gradually increase the load, in order to eventually move to pull-ups.

Do traction

Roughly speaking, the main function of the latissimus muscles of the back is to pull the arms toward the body. Therefore, only by pulling, you can pump a beautiful wide back. It is to the upper tracts that pullings are involved. Also to the traction are such exercises as rod rod in slope, T-shaped traction, draft dumbbells in slope, horizontal thrust in the block. These exercises in the US and the UK should be an integral part of your back muscles training program.

A little bit about deadlift

Deadlift. For some, this exercise is elevated to the cult, others do not even guess its existence. And if they do, they certainly are not going to do it ...

The deadlift has its own special role in building a beautiful V-shaped torso. On the one hand, its effect on the latissimus muscles of the back is minimal. Therefore, do not focus on this exercise alone for athletes, for whom the aesthetic component is important, and not the strength indicators.

On the other hand, in our sport in general, and when pumping the back in particular, it is very important to have a strong loin. This is the foundation that allows you to safely work with more significant weights in the remaining exercises. And the deadlift helps to create this foundation.

It would be prudent to put a deadlift into the last exercise in your back muscles training program.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that problems with the lower back are very common among modern people, especially those who are engaged in heavy training. Perhaps they will need the treatment of the lumbosacral spine.

Advantages of a wide back mass. It greatly improves our appearance, making us wider and more massive. Muscles of the back are the second largest muscle group, so when you train your back, you also struggle with excess weight. Against the background of a broad back and waist looks already. And applying our simple tips to pump a beautiful wide back is not at all difficult! Good luck!

Drying and food

If in your life you have never been the owner of the beautiful six cubes of the press, then the first thing you will need on drying is counting calories. Councils of cosmic nonsense: "Eat less!", Etc. - will not help. The most surprising is that to this day, many people follow a stereotype that you can not eat after six in the evening. You can not eat 4 hours before bedtime, and it's just about carbohydrates.

Basic theory

Earlier we have already told you that it is impossible to gain muscle mass and burn fat at the same time. Today we will explain why. The fact is that the human body can follow only one of two possible ways. Either it is anabolism (the construction and synthesis of various tissues and cells), or it is catabolism (tissue destruction). The car can not move both forward and backward, as well as our body. Remember this once and for all.

Never believe the statements according to which the muscles can be pumped into fat. Fat cells can not be converted into proteins, and this is a fact. So in fact, what we will do with you can be attributed to the second process - catabolism. Perhaps this is only in conditions of severe energy deficiency, since fat is a reserve source of energy, which is taken for an emergency. As you remember, our secondary task is to preserve the muscle fibers, or rather, to try to lose as few of them as possible.

If you just talk about the numbers, then you should gradually reduce the amount of calories by 300-500 kcal, no more, during the first two weeks. Then slowly you will have to raise the bar to 1000-1500 kcal.

What to eat in the US?

During all the drying you should not feel hungry. It is believed that this feeling signals a lack of calories, which the body begins to take from fat. In fact, the lion's share of cortisol is released, which breaks your muscles into amino acids, and from them your body receives the necessary nutrients. So if you are hungry, cortisol has already started to work.

There are two types of diets that are suitable for the drying process: low-carb and non-carbohydrate. We talked about the second in a special article, which can be found in our table of contents. Today we will tell about the first. During the low-carbohydrate cycle, you need to try to keep the following ratio of carbohydrate-protein fats: 50% 20% 30%. When calculating calories do not forget that 1 g of protein or carbohydrates contains - 4kcal, and gram of fatty acids - 9kcal.


They are needed only in the morning or in the morning, and the emphasis should be made on so-called slow carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. If possible, in the morning you need to avoid fats, because in aggregate with carbohydrates they will slow down your metabolism. Let me remind you that on drying, and in life, high metabolism has a number of advantages.

Permitted products: oatmeal, buckwheat, rice (preferably brown), pearl barley, red beans, mung beans and other legumes. Also in the morning you can afford some fruits, for example, half a grapefruit. Restrictions do not overlap with vegetables rich in fiber: cabbage, greens, lettuce, cucumbers.


Many in the US believe that fats in the athlete's diet are unacceptable. In fact, this is a delusion and we talked about this in one of the last articles. Fats are very important, especially on drying. The only question is as such fat. All vegetable oils (except palm oil), as well as cod liver oil are excellent products for drying. Two spoons of flaxseed oil during the first half of the day will noticeably increase your results. The fact is that all of the above "good" fats are a source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, which play a huge role in our body. From the point of view of drying, one should highlight their magic property: they cause the body to burn brown (hypodermic) fat instead of free fatty acids. In general, the reception of such products can play the role of natural fat burners.


On proteins should be imposed already in the second half of the day. As in the diet of any adequate athlete, the source of protein will serve us as chicken breasts, sea fish, low-fat cottage cheese (cooked at home) and egg whites.

Many will say that we lose sight of the vegetable protein that comes with oatmeal, beans, etc. In fact, the local amino acids have a rather meager form. That's why as a full-fledged protein should not be considered. If you, despite a wide range of products, will experience hunger, then it is necessary to resort to the help of sports nutrition. Acquire complex or whey protein, and eat it between meals.

Sports nutrition in the UK

It is not necessary to pin hopes on additives, for they are only a help, nothing more. We recommend that you use glutamine, BCAA, vitamin complexes, pre-exercise and, as already mentioned above, protein.

Amino acids of the BCAA type very well save from muscle catabolism, which we encounter every morning immediately after awakening. They also do a good job of this task at night, but here the preference is better given to the protein.

Separately it is necessary to note fat burners. It is very difficult to assess their real working capacity. Our editorial board believes that it is most expedient to use pre-exercise machines, because the drying of the central nervous system is very bad, and these supplements can give her a second wind.

Drying and fat burning

As already known, the drying process can be divided into fat burning and podvodku form. Today we will talk about the first aspect. At once we will notice, all material applied by us is intended for usual visitors of training rooms. At us you will not find the information on how to lower fatty percent to such critical figures as 5% -6% which as a matter of fact threaten human health.

Over the past winter season, you probably managed to gain a few pounds of cherished muscle mass. So, our goal with us is to burn fat, and at the same time, practically do not lose everything that has been accumulated. It is this condition that alters the entire theory of fat burning.


In fact, I wanted only to explain the difference between subcutaneous (brown) fat and internal (visceral) fat. The first is what is being laid around you around the abdomen, on the hands, chest, hips, etc. It is because of it that your muscles look like simple pieces of meat. The only thing that pleases is that it's possible to burn it, than we are with you and will do it. But here the second kind of fatty acids is called by no means an internal one, it accumulates in our vessels, internal organs and other inaccessible places. If you see a big belly, without characteristic fatty folds, ie. Stretched like a watermelon, then here is just the same visceral fat. To combat it, absolutely different methods, as a rule, of a medical nature are needed. Usually the problem lies in the endocrine system and the excess of bad cholesterol, which we discussed in the article about fats in the diet.

Importance of a diet in the UK

First of all, it should be noted that drying is based on a diet. Do not even think about following the previous diet. All your efforts in the hall will be meaningless without a competent diet. By the way, these two factors are directly proportional to each other, that is, thanks to a diet alone it is impossible to get the desired result. In one of the following articles, we will look at the diet when drying, but for now only say that the main rule: the amount of incoming calories should be less than the consumed ones. If the rule is not respected, then even the most ingenious training program will not help you. However, here you can not resort to fanaticism, otherwise you will begin to lose weight, and mainly because of muscle mass. Because the body is more beneficial to store fat than inactive muscles. In general, callorah is reduced by carbohydrates and fats, the proteins remain in the same amount. Such actions will enable us to proceed to the next point.

Helping the body

At the moment, the sports nutrition industry can offer you a huge number of pre-training complexes and fat burners, which we talked about in previous articles. They really can help you achieve the desired goal more quickly, but you should not rely on them from the first day. Let the body gradually enter the rhythm of drying and believe, it will respond to you only with positive reactions.

Fat Burning Training

The first thing that is required of you is the introduction of aerobic loads, which, as a rule, do not use muscles, but the fat from the abdomen and sides. It should be noted that any anaerobic (power) work can not pass due to fatty acids, as their splitting requires a huge time for the standards of the body. In addition, they are not oxidized by the standard route, and as a consequence can not be used by skeletal muscles. However, for simple aerobic exercises, subcutaneous fat fits better than others.

It is worth noting that if you in the United States switch purely to aerobics, then your body will not need to keep the musculature in reserve, so that he begins to disassemble it for amino acids, as if a child breaks a house of a designer. That's why you need an appropriate training program.

Principles of training construction

The main rule: the more we burn calories during the training, the more fat in the end we will lose. As you probably know, the most energy-intensive are the basic (multi-joint) exercises. That's why we will make an accent on them.

It is known that the goal of any training is reduced to applying microtraumas to the muscular group, which are subsequently restored, and two important processes are happening - compensation and supercompensation, as a result of which our muscles grow. However, very few people know that these processes exist only with the normal energy exchange of a person. Deficiency of calories will not allow you to recover, and on drying we are obliged to test their deficiency. Well, if the muscles do not recover, then in time they just collapse. The fact is that the body is easier to get rid of damaged fibers than to spend precious energy on them, of course, all this is only true in conditions of caloric deficit.

So it turns out that we need a mode of operation in which the damage in the muscles will be minimal. Under this description, only "pumping" is suitable. Recall, the number of repetitions during such a procedure should fluctuate in the range of 15-20. Of course, working weights must be enormously reduced, otherwise you will not be able to avoid micro-injuries. The indicator of a correctly chosen working weight is the presence of a strong "burning" in the target muscle group after a turn of 15 repetitions. Few people know that the pumping mode of training is much more energy-intensive than the standard one.

How energy costs are considered? It is very simple - with the help of training tonnage. We will explain in more detail. Suppose you can squeeze a weight of 140 kg for 5-6 repetitions, while it is logical to assume that you easily shake 70kg by 20 times. Tonnage is considered by a simple formula, for the first case: 140x6 = 840kg, for the second: 70x20 = 1400kg. Of course, the higher the tonnage, the energy-intensive training. So it turns out that with the same number of sets, you exhaust yourself much more than usual.

Such a large energy expenditure will certainly cause an acceleration of metabolism, and this in turn is one of the key factors in the cycle of fat burning. Another plus of pumping is to stimulate the proper operation of the cardiovascular system, which in turn increases the tone of the vessels that deliver blood to the muscles. As a result, such a seemingly simple training session will allow you not to lose muscle, and at the same time to achieve the desired result.

It is important to know

It would seem that the drying is not very difficult, but we did not highlight the shortcomings and other negative aspects that you will definitely encounter. It's about the constant tension of the psyche. The fact is that against the background of the lack of a large number of calories and the constant exhausting high-intensity work your psyche will work at the limit of its possible. This hinders both in life and in training. In the first case, you become very irritable, reacting literally to every little thing, and this in turn creates stress that causes the body to release cortisol (a hormone that produces amino acids, destroying your muscles) so that it gives you the calories you need. So be ready to curb your nervous breakdowns, otherwise your work will not pay off in the end.

As for training, it will focus on doing the exercise, it will be very difficult. The CNS is overloaded, which means that you will have to get used to its "failures" when performing heavy basic exercises. That's why we do not recommend you to work exclusively with free weights, try to combine them with simulators, otherwise you will sooner or later go mad.

Introduction of different principles

By the way, it is because of the constant tension of your psyche that training should not last more than an hour. However, we forgot about another plus the absence of large microdamages. As such, their absence will allow you to recover 1.5-2 times faster. Of course, to train the same muscle group will be much more often, and this will keep the muscles in a tone.

It is worth noting the importance of applying different principles of compaction training, thanks to which for the same unit of time you will perform a record amount of power work. This includes supersets (superseries), drop-sets, forced repeats and even negatives. However, if your work experience does not exceed a mark of one year, then it is worth forgetting about these innovations. You simply drive yourself into a state of overtraining.

The result

Let's recall all that we talked about today. You must remember that training should be based on basic movements, which are the most energy intensive. In addition, all exercises are performed only in the pumping style with the addition of various techniques, such as drop-sets, supersets, etc. As for the duration of the training, it should be small.

How to gain muscle without fat

A set of muscle mass in the US and the UK is a very laborious and lengthy process. To build strong muscles, you need thousands of hours of exercise in the gym and in the kitchen. It is necessary to sleep 8 hours a day and strictly follow the diet. For a set of muscle mass, especially if you are an ectomorph, you need to invest in yourself a huge amount of resources. However, despite this, very often dry muscle can not be recruited and beginner bodybuilders are not muscular, but fat mass.

What is anabolism?

Anabolism is a process of growth. And the growth is not only your muscles, but also your fat. In order to start the process of anabolism, several factors are necessary in varying degrees of individual significance, but without excess calories in your diet, you basically can not start the process of anabolism and will be either in a stable state (not gaining or losing weight) or in catabolism ( Will start to lose weight). At the same time, if you do not have a lot of calories, then these calories will not be stored in fat, but if your body constantly consumes more than it needs to maintain vital functions and a set of muscle mass, then along with muscle anabolism you will have Anabolism fat. And the greater the unreasonable excess of calories, the more this fat anabolism will be noticeable on your body.

Is anabolism compatible with catabolism?

If anabolism is a growth process, then catabolism is a process of destruction. Catabolism, like anabolism, destroys not only your fat, but also muscles. And catabolism and anabolism are two opposite processes. You can not move both back and forth simultaneously, in the same way you will not be able to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle mass. Therefore, people with excess weight, coming to the gym with the hope to simultaneously lose weight and gain muscle, amuse themselves with unrealizable illusions, as catabolism with anabolism can not be combined, and, therefore, gaining weight and drying at the same time is simply unrealistic.

Can you build muscle and not get fat?

As we have already understood, it is impossible to build up muscles and "drive away" fat at the same time. However, is it possible to start the process of anabolism only on muscles, without disturbing your fat deposits? Most likely, it is possible. Full people do not have impressive power data, even considering that they eat a lot, and the process of anabolism in the fat plan is fast. If the fatty gets to gain fat without gaining muscle, then the muscles should also have muscle growth without increasing the amount of visible fat deposits. How to do it under normal conditions? Only by long experiments on yourself. For example, with 4000 calories you are typing both muscle and fat. In this case, you need to reduce the amount of calories consumed until you notice that the amount of fat on your body has increased. Only in this case you will be able to build muscle without fat. This requires a great desire and iron self-control.

How to gain muscle without fat?

Well, if you do not have a great desire and iron self-control? Then, probably, bodybuilding does not suit you. You better do something that you prefer. Ballroom dances, for example. But seriously, in that case there is a way out. You can eat even without excess calories, but at the same time you will build muscle mass without affecting the amount of fat in your body. To do this, you need a very high level of testosterone. Why do girls and babies have no muscle growth, like men? Because there is no major male sex hormone, which is responsible for muscle growth. No testosterone. He has men and this allows us to gain muscle. However, it is not at all high due to genetic and many other factors. What to do in this case? Get testosterone from outside. Artificial testosterone. We are talking about anabolic steroids, which strongly affect the growth of muscles. If your manipulations with nutrition, as we discussed above, did not pass, the only option that allows you to build muscle mass without fat, is the reception of anabolic steroids. However, you should think three times before taking steroids. Yes, their damage is greatly exaggerated, but it's not a matter of harm, it's that you, most likely, are not a professional and do not know how to correctly design courses. In this case, you, of course, will get a "dry" mass, but a month after stopping the reception of steroids, you "merge" 90-95% of the recruited. Taking steroids in the US and the UK is really effective in recruiting "dry" muscle mass, but in the hands of a newbie, steroids can only do harm.


Nutrition is the most important thing you can do whether it be building muscle, losing body fat, recomposition or doing both simultaneously.

Nutrition is 50% - 60% of the equation and coming in a close second is Training then add other factors like sleep, hydration, recovery, genetics (which overlooks everything) and finally supplementation.

If you are going to use supplements you should start with Creatine. Its the one supplement that may be difficult to get from regular nutrition. Creatine is naturally found in certain meats for example, fish, beef and chicken and also eggs. Sometimes its hard to get the adequate amount of creatine you would need, for example if you were to consume creatine as a supplement you would need about 3 grams per day. A standard scoop of creatine is about 5 grams so you will have more than enough. Its hard to get creatine from a natural diet you would have to eat a lot of chicken, fish and beef to consume enough. It is especially difficult for women, who eat less meat and vegans and vegetarians who's protein intake is limited. Creatine has been 100% proven to be consistent. It’s one of the rare supplements out there that has a lot of proven science behind it. It helps with endurance and increases your reps during training. You gain a little lean body mass but that is mostly due to water retention. You can take one scoop once a day at any time of the day.


You will use protein the most. You can use any kind you would like.

  • Whey Protein Powder. Perhaps the most common and cheapest variety of protein powder on the market, whey protein can be found at any supplement retailer and even in some grocery stores.
  • Casein Protein Powder
  • Pea Protein Powder
  • Soy Protein Powder
  • Hemp Protein Powder
  • Brown Rice Protein Powder
  • Vegan Protein Powder Blends

If you have skin problems Whey and Casein may not be the best choice because it may cause break outs. These are lactose based so if you are lactose intolerant or just want to stay away from dairy products all together you can use Pea Protein Powder. Protein Supplements are 100% convenient and cost based. Its convenient because you can consume enough protein with a quick and easy shake verses consuming large amount of chicken and meat in a day.

Pre Workouts

Although Pre-Workout supplements are optional we do recommend them. Many people don’t like getting up early in the morning to workout or even go to the gym after a long day at work. Taking pre workout supplements can help you get back into that workout mentality whether it be with energy or focus. If you are worried about the cost of getting premium pre-workouts you can make your own.

You can buy the ingredients individually and it would probably come out less than buying a Premium Pre-Workout. Beta Alanine is one ingredient you can use. Next you can take a caffeine pill, coffee or a standard workout supplement with about 200 mg of caffeine. Another supplement you can take is Maui it has had its problems in the past but recently it was recommended by a lot of top individuals in the industry like Eric Holmes.

So don’t forget the 3 Major Supplements

1. Creatine

2. Protein

3. Pre-Workout (optional but recommended)


Here is a fitness tip for everyone if you are looking to gain size and mass. Which three supplements should you start taking to put on mass and size only? These are all in the order you should take it if you looking to bulk up put on some size, increase your compound movements like benching, squatting, dead lifting and overhead press.

Lets start with #3 MASS GAINER

You can take this if you have trouble gaining weight and size or if you just have a high metabolism. You should start by taking the mass gainer that has 30 to 60 g of carbs per serving, and 30 to 50 g of protein per serving. You can use body fortress it's cheap and effective but you may need switch it up periodically so that your body doesn't gain a tolerance to the supplements. If you have busy lifestyle and feel that you don't have enough time to make your meals it's good to just put a scoop in a shaker bottle and take it with you to work or on the road in order to get those calories. Now keep in mind that supplementation isn't the same as food. With food you get your microbes so it's important to get some food in before taking the supplement. Supplements are good to JUST supplement your diet. ONLY to make up for that protein and carbs you don't get from food. Take 30 to 50 g of protein and at least 30 to 60 g or more of carbs depending on how much calories you need for your daily activity to gain weight. If you are one of those people that has a lot of trouble putting on weight, a mass gainer is the way to go. We tell a lot of our clients that have trouble gaining weight take this but you have to be careful of the sugar it contains. You should take up to 20 g of sugar, nothing higher than that. If you take in too much sugar it can go straight to your stomach and can make you fat and bloated.

Coming in at #2 WHEY PROTEIN

It is the supplement we suggest all the time to clients. Its one of our favorites.. Whey protein is really good for helping you meet your protein intake. The difference between whey protein and a mass gainer is that mass gainer has a lot more carbs in it with protein. The whey protein doesn't have very much carbs in it, its just basically protein. The BPI Whey protein has about 25 grams to help knock off the amount of protein you need for the day. We suggest that you eat food first but Whey Protein is a good supplement to take with muscle recovery and can help with soreness . We suggest BPI and Muscle Tag. So far, whey protein has been the best supplement to use if you are cutting or bulking. It really helps you meet your macronutrient goals of protein, carbs not so much. If you're someone who needs to just put on size we suggest you take mass gainer and incorporate whey so you get enough protein.

Now #1 Our all time favorite CREATINE

Creatine is the number 1 supplement to use to improve your performance at the gym . So why does creatine work? and what it is? Creatine enhances the body's capacity to perform high intensity work (and assists greater muscle size and performance gains as a result). Creatine turns your carbs into energy for your muscles and daily activities. It comes into your system and boosts up the glycosides cycle and increases the amount and speed of carbs getting to your muscles with more energy so that more load can be lifted. Its been proven to help benching, squatting, dead lifting, We suggest taking creatine monohydrate which has 5 grams per scoop. Creatine has proven to help clients progress with their weight training much faster.

Steroids for women

What is steroids for women?

Steroids for women - a short esters, which is characterized by anabolic index and low androgenic activity. Despite this, it is better to avoid the use of these steroids for women, except to be the case, if a woman wants to become a professional level athlete. Then we can consider the use of drugs such as somatropin (growth hormone) and insulin. Note! If you are an amateur or participate in amateur competitions, taking steroids is rash. Steroids for women are unnatural action, as all anabolic agents - molecules is the male sex hormone testosterone.

What are steroids can be used by women?

If you have reached the heights of sports and a professional athlete, the use of steroids is mandatory action in the big sports. Most people think that during the competition doping control should be lifted. We believe otherwise, the use of steroids is not always possible to notice, so it is necessary to control doping, not to abandon it completely.

List of steroids, which are allowed to take women:

1. Oxandrolone - this is the best choice for women, as this steroid has no side effects. Eat Oxandrolone should strictly adhering to the instructions. For a start it is recommended to take - 10 mg per day, gradually increasing the dose to 20 mg. The course duration should be a maximum of two months. During steroids need to monitor their state of health, and if something happens to give up the drug. Incidentally, because the short esters can be quickly canceled and proceed to aftertreatment therapy and they have the advantage, among other ethers.

2. Stanozolol - an anabolic steroid that has anabolic index of 320% and the androgenic only 30% relative to testosterone. For women, the recommended dose of 25 mg twice in seven days. The course duration is one to two months. If you require a "drying", then it is recommended to combine stanozolol with oxandrolone 10 mg oxandrolone per day, and 25 mg of stanozolol for seven days.

3. Turinabol - an extreme option, but if the administration of drugs is not the first, and oxandrolone does not fulfill its function, for muscle mass growth it is recommended to take Turinabol. If we compare it with oxandrolone, we can see that the androgenic activity Turinabol slightly higher, but the index of anabolic - almost half below, but remember that Turinabol is much hardier and more efficiently. Turinabol - steroid ester short, so it should be consumed every day by 15 mg per day, divided into three dose administration. Experts recommend eating Turinabol after meals, with plenty of fluids. The course duration is one to two months.

4. Other steroids: growth hormone, insulin. Their use increases the effectiveness of steroids. But they were allowed to take only if you have passed the course solo Oxandrolone and he is no longer valid. For women allowed to use about twice the growth hormone than men. But remember that to begin to take the lowest dose, gradually increasing her and controlling her state of health and the body's response. Naturally, the insulin must be used only for the purpose of braking and suppressing the side effects of steroids.

Post-cycle therapy for women

FCT - a question that interests almost all people taking steroids. Although testosterone - a male hormone in the female body it quite low rate, and it disappears after steroids. Therefore, women also need post-cycle therapy. Be careful, there are a few rules of FCT to be followed:

 1. Women are prohibited from using aromatase inhibitors. It is best to use blockers, which block estrogen receptors. For example, Clomid, tamoxifen.

 2. Throw a course of steroids should be gradually reducing the dose administration. For example, the last seven days, take steroids for such a plan: two days, 75%, 50% for two days and three days 25% of the usual dosage.

Cteroidnye cycles

Formation of effective steroid cycle - a task very difficult, especially if you want to at the same time to avoid side effects. In principle, there are two basic ways to create an effective and relatively safe cycles:

Selection of dosages and receive modes, providing the maximum desired effects with minimal side effects. For example, some schemes allow to minimize the negative impact of steroids on the production of natural testosterone. The most effective way, but by and large, it requires conducting clinical experiments. even within the same group of athletes (eg, law enforcers) the results obtained when the same procedure may be directly opposite. The most versatile in the sense circuit intermittent, ie taking medication a day or two or a short cycle (a few days) with the same short breaks.

Suppression of side effects and / or enhancing the desired effect of the drug using other drugs - so-called "stacking". The method seems to be much simpler than the previous one, because it requires only the selection of the appropriate doses. But although successful stacking to reduce the effective dosages, thereby reducing the side effects really, really need to carefully analyze the possible interactions between the drugs. Most often to prevent effects such as gynecomastia and weaken the synthesis of testosterone by the testes, used human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and aromatase blockers. Gonadotropin activates the release of luteinizing hormone (LH), testosterone regulating and antiaromataznye agents inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Let's start with the first method. As a result, long-term observations quite manage to form a concept, in principle, suitable for solving common problems of sport. Note: given me examples DO not be copied "one to one"! Each of them is based on the results of one or more athletes with careful consideration of many factors: features of a constitution, training mode, power supply and so on. reception program for building muscle

In this article, I give an example of a specific program, which was successfully used in bodybuilding. The athlete, who followed this program completed four to six-week cycle (only for two out of every six weeks were used considerable amounts of steroids), with a total of 11.3 kg of muscles and dropping 2.2 kg of fat. The last three cycles were given in the amount of 6.4 kg of muscle gain and reset 6.4 kg of fat. Supplementation lasted 24 weeks consecutively, and yet, decrease in the amount of eggs was observed, despite the fact that gonadotrophin unused.

Preserved as a normal function of reproductive organs by any criteria after giving up steroids (with one exception). So it seems LH production remained sufficient to ensure a normal level of testosterone in the course of four consecutive cycles.

This program looked slightly wrong, as described herein, for the four cycles, as it varied slightly with time. Here is the latest version. The athlete, who followed her, believes that this version could from the outset to provide equally good or even maximum results. The choice of drugs

Trenbolone acetate (50 mg / day) and methandrostenolone (10 mg five times a day) was chosen for all cycles except the last, which is also used Winstrol® Depot (50 mg / day). Clomid used usually at a dose of 100 mg / day, when receiving 50 mg per day methandrostenolone, and 50 mg / day in other cases.

Cytadren took 250 mg / day (125 mg after the lift, then 62.5 mg after six and twelve hours) when methandrostenolone dose was 50 mg / day, and only 125 mg / day, after the lift, when the dose was methandrostenolone 20 mg / day.

Their most powerful of oral steroids

Oxymetholone. It is called the most powerful oral steroids, his power of legends. He suddenly able to turn an ordinary visitor muscles gym in envy of his colleagues in training.

He - just a monster. It should not take more than three or four weeks in a row, it can kill you, turn inside out your liver, are doomed to slow but inevitable dying. Yes, and muscles are built with his help - just water. It will disappear without a trace as soon as you stop taking it.

We are talking about the same anabolic steroids. Name it - oxymetholone; bodybuilders, he is better known under the names "Anadrol", "Anadrol" or "androlik". Oxymetholone was established in 1960 in Mexico, but it was first released in large quantities in the same year by the American company Syntex "Anadrol 50" trademark. The original purpose of this steroid - assistance in overcoming anemia not treatable by other means. However, for this purpose means better soon were found and oxymetholone migrated to the arsenal of "fighters for the construction of the perfect body" and other athletes, law enforcers. However, non-medical use of this drug for long languished. it is used now in an aggressive therapy to help overcome the loss of muscle mass in patients with human immunodeficiency syndrome. But first things first.

Take a look at the structure of the molecule oxymetholone, it is somewhat reminiscent of the structure of a molecule of stanozolol. And there are major changes were made in the ring. And, it was done to prevent steroid flavoring. The goal was reached - oxymetholone was not exposed to the action of aromatase-nym.

Unfortunately, all is not well - it turned out that oxymetholone exhibits a very significant progestogenic activity. Whether this is due to the peculiarities of its structure, whether he has the ability to turn into the female sex hormone progesterone, but the fact remains that the use of this steroid is accompanied by all the "charms" flavoring process.

And by the way, the situation is even slightly worse than in the case of flavoring preparation - antiestrogens here do not help. However, the effect can be much lower, if at the same time taking oxymetholone stanozolol - this steroid is, as you already know, the progesterone antagonist.

Oxymetholone is not converted to DHT, however, it shows high activity in the skin of the head. The consequence of this activity, usually is hair loss. Originally intended oxymetholone - anemia - enable it to significantly increase the number of red blood cells - red blood cells. Because of this increased blood circulation in the muscle while taking the drug, the athlete feels tremendous effect, "pumping". As for the androgen receptor, oxymetholone here are generally very low, it almost has the ability to train these receptors stabilize.

The most original feature of oxymetholone are his medical dosage: athletes, even the most inveterate "hardcore," take it in amounts below the recommended! Take a look at the instructions for use of the drug: "Take a rate of 1-5 mg per 1 kg of weight." In practice this means that the average stokilogrammovye "jock" should throw a two to ten tabletok1 steroid daily! Well, two - this is normal. But ten! Even the professional level athletes do not consume more than three or four.

And the half-life period of the drug, ie the time after which only half of the active agent remains in the blood plasma.

How to chop steroids.

There are several things you need to know, from stabbing anabolic steroids. Most importantly - always remember that you need to be clean and hygiene. Always use new syringes sealed. Never use old syringes and, especially strangers. Make sure the injection site is clean and well chosen (cit. "Where the stabbing"). Get a new syringe out of the package, put the needle on it and make sure it is firmly held on the syringe. Wipe the bottle top (if you use a steroid vial) with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol to make sure that he is sterile. Take the needle protective cover, insert the needle into the vial, turn it upside down and fill the syringe with the right amount of liquid plus a little beyond that. Now, knock your finger on a syringe to collect all bubbles in the upper part of the syringe into one, and then enter the additional portion of the liquid, taken over, back into the bottle, and the air will go along with it. With the help of the other, soaked alcohol cloth wipe the injection site. Try no to what not to touch the needle, because it can stain the needle and lead to serious problems with infection. If the needle is spilled some liquid, do not touch or wipe it, because it will help to lubricate the injection site. Now, holding the syringe like a dart at an angle of 90 degrees to insert the needle deep into the muscle. Then, pull the plunger back - if the blood enters the syringe, then you're hooked on the blood vessel, and you should remove the needle and try once more. If there is no blood, slowly (to avoid pain), apply pressure to the needle, until all the liquid is not in the muscle. Finally, quickly take out the needle and massage the injection site another sterile cloth (this will reduce the bleeding and remove the discomfort in the following days). Wear protective sheath on the needle and remove it from the syringe. Try not to be administered in the same place for more than 2 ml and more than 2 times per week. Remember: Never use a syringe and needle again.

WHERE batters

Anabolic steroids as oil or water-based, be administered intramuscularly (deep into muscle tissue). The most common place for the in \ m injection is the buttocks, outer thigh and delta. These muscles are most commonly used due to their thickness. They contain more fibers and extensive fascia. Fascia - a connective tissue which surrounds and separates muscles. In this regard, the steroid is administered a larger surface of absorption. During injection, the goal - to enter the needle as deeply as possible and do not touch either the nerve or blood vessel. The best place for injection, gluteus medius is located in the upper outer part of the buttocks. She The preferred because of its thickness and the presence of small nerves. When injected into the muscle is very low probability of hitting the vessel or the sciatic nerve, which runs through the lower and middle part of the buttocks. If you damage it, you will feel a lot of pain and can be temporarily paralyzed.


Choosing the right syringe is very important. First of all, you need the correct syringe volume. The liquid is measured in cubic millimeters. Second, you need a needle, a deep part of the muscle for optimal absorption of sufficient diameter to pass the oil, but not too wide not to be injured. There are many different types of syringes: some longer, some thicker. Most bodybuilders prefer 2-3ml syringe. If you doubt what to select a syringe, - Consult your pharmacist.

Do all steroids raise weight?

Synthetic sex hormones, steroid hormones called androgenic and anabolic effects, are able to penetrate cells and stimulate numerous intracellular reactions, including protein synthesis. Androgens and anabolic: what is more important?

Androgens, steroids, anabolic steroids, steroids androgenic and anabolic effects ... What are these terms? What do they mean? Or all of this scientific slaver invented only in order to fool our heads? In fact, maybe it's just different names for the same thing - synthetic hormones? If you consider yourself a "special", try saying that such methandrostenolone - anabolic steroid? androgen? androgenic anabolic? The correct answer is: the one and the other, and the third. If you think otherwise, do not despair. These few pages you will be enough to then sagely advise. Did you know that as a feedstock for the production of sex hormones the body uses cholesterol? Yes, the same cholesterol, which doctors believe the enemy of mankind's number one. cholesterol deposits on the inner walls of blood vessels annually destroy more people than all other diseases combined.

Paradoxically, the same cholesterol gives life to human reproductive system and eventually all of us. What is cholesterol? It is a long molecular chain. Suffice it to rearrange the "links", something to throw, and to add something, and cholesterol is converted into sex hormones - testosterone and estradiol. The first is responsible for the male gender, and the second - for women. Huge difference in functions, however, both hormones are structurally remarkably similar. The reason is already known to you: they have in common "dad" - cholesterol. And testosterone, and estradiol in the medical language called steroids same time steroids or steroid hormones called several tens of biochemical compounds, one way or another related to the sexual sphere. For example, for the prevention of pregnancy, women take drugs that also belong to the steroid hormones. Cortisone ointment, which treat eczema - also from the category of steroid hormones. Glucocorticoids, corticosteroids, estrogens and - also steroid hormones. In this sense, the term "steroid" as used in bodybuilding, not entirely accurate. The term "steroid" is meant only those hormones that raise muscle between steroids such as glucocorticoids secreted by the adrenal glands, on the contrary, the muscle tissue destroyed. (Incidentally, the elevated levels of these hormones in the blood is an accurate indicator of overtraining).

Steroids, misleading physicians

Around the anabolic steroids are still subject to scientific debate. Until now, the vast majority of health professionals are convinced that the additional intake of steroid hormones fundamentally does not make sense. According to them, the testosterone receptors are fully saturated at a normal physiological level of the hormone. Simply put, in the body of the average guy is circulated enough natural testosterone to "work" every single muscle cell receptors. If a man makes himself an injection of the same deck-Durabolin®, additional androgen would simply superfluous.

Here it is necessary to clarify that such cellular receptors. Imagine that testosterone - the key, and the muscle receptor - a lock on the door. When the key is inserted into the keyhole and another key is you do not have to insert - that's obvious. The conclusion is that if each "lock" (androgen receptor) already have a "key" (androgen), what new "keys"? It is quite another - a fall of testosterone production with age. Here additional androgen, in fact, able to find employment.

Agree that this view is adopted by modern science, it does not explain the huge growth of muscle "mass", which sought bodybuilders taking steroids.

I should add that according to scientists at the normal physiological level of sex hormones, which occurs in the body up to 25-28 years, dopolnitelnitelnoe flow weakens synthetic androgen function of cell receptors. Thus, steroid injections bodybuilders that age should formally lead to a slowdown, or even a complete halt muscle growth, "the masses."

 This kind of phenomenon is reliably recorded on the example of the muscle cells of the penis. The growth of muscle tissue of the body is observed only up to a certain limit, then the receptors are suddenly "denied" and no longer respond to testosterone, however much it was not blood.

 The reason is believed physiologists that receptors respond to increasing levels tosterona over the optimal level for them. When steroids with age becomes too much receptors "switched off".

Something similar happens with women in adolescence, when the upper body receptors they fail to respond to testosterone, which in this period actively produced in their body for growth. As a result, women "get" the weakened muscles of the upper half of the body, which determines the difference in physique between men and women.

Despite the absolute certainty of these facts, they can not be used as an argument in the assessment of the action of steroids to bodybuilders. My main argument is that steroids have different effects on different biological tissues. The proof is an experiment carried out on laboratory rats. Pre was removed from the body of rats all natural testosterone. The reaction of the muscles was predictable: unnecessary for the majority of the muscle cell receptor collapsed. When we started to do the rats injections of steroids, "shrunken" muscles rapidly regained volume. Due to what, for now, in muscle cells and there was half the previous number of receptors that respond to androgens? It was found that the cells "grow" new buds! Moreover, in an amount greater than the original!

Thus, it can be assumed that the additional steroid in humans stimulates the growth of new receptors in muscle tissue. That's why megadoses of steroids taken today in bodybuilding, do not cause the termination of muscle growth as it dictates the "scientific" scenario. Extra testosterone causes additional receptors.

The action of anabolic steroids at the cellular level

Anabolic steroids are synthetic analogs called androgens - steroid hormones, which include the primary male sex hormone testosterone and other sex hormones.

Steroid hormones act on receptors of muscle cells, which results in muscle growth.

However, many scientists believe that under normal testosterone levels in young healthy male body receiving additional steroids does not make sense. In the body of its testosterone enough to work all muscle cell receptors, without exception. And excess hormones are simply unnecessary.

If we imagine that cell receptor - a locking and hormone - is the key that is to continue the analogy, we can say that the two keys one keyhole no insert.

That is supposed anabolic steroids must only have an effect if the body lacks own hormones (whose number decreases with age). Moreover, the limited effect, because once reached saturation muscle receptors, further steroids theoretically useless.

However, the fact remains - builders taking anabolic steroids, is rapidly increasing muscle mass. And it is obvious depending on age and level of natural testosterone in the body.

To explain how and why this happens, experiments were conducted on laboratory animals.

If you withdraw from the rat natural testosterone, the muscle cell receptors it, "left without work", broken up, and the muscles themselves wither. But the injection of anabolic steroids leads to rapid muscle growth and recovery of their volume.

Due to what - because receptors are destroyed? And due to the fact that the new buds cells grown under the influence of steroids. That is, the reception of anabolic steroids causes an increase in the number of receptors, and saturation occurs. The more testosterone - the more receptors, the receptors and the more - the more intense muscle growth.

The result is a continuous anabolic cycle. If in vivo muscles grow periodically, just a few days in the three-month training cycle, the intake of anabolic steroids leads to continuous muscle growth.

In addition, androgens have the ability to communicate not only with its own receptor, but also with other intended for glucocorticoids (hormones, causing destruction of muscle cells).

If we return to the above analogy, we can say that the key is not only opens its own lock, but blocks another's, contributing to the division of muscle cells and preventing their destruction.

Anabolic steroids inhibit catabolism, and it further enhances their action aimed at intensive growth of muscle mass. That is, they embody the dream of any bodybuilder - a continuous and unlimited growth of muscles.

How do steroids affect the effectiveness of training

So that steroid users report that the subjective and objective observations show in practice and in the course of experiments on steroids:

1. The growth of the power indicators.

This is because steroids enhancing protein synthesis in the body, increasing the thickness miofibrilnyh elements (actin and myosin) responsible for muscular contraction. Of course, this can only be achieved with concomitant heavy training and appropriate protein diet. SOME force increments may be due to increase in "leverage tissue" due to increases in the volume of sarcoplasmic fluid cell and the total water retention. This force is temporary, of course, especially if the athlete to compete clears the water, trying to get in the weight class. Hekotorye authors point to the effect of reducing the splitting of muscle protein as a result of heavy training.

2. The increase in muscle volume.

This phenomenon stems from the previous one. Myo-fibril growth and an increase in sarcoplasmic are the main factors responsible for the increase in muscle. Of course, all these changes can only take place under heavy training and appropriate nutrition. Another possible factor that leads to increased muscle volume, - the effect of increasing blood volume. It was shown that within two to three weeks after initiation of therapy anabolic steroids total blood volume increases by 10-20%.

3. Reducing the pain caused by arthritis and tendinitis.

This impact has been and is a clinical indication for the use of anabolic steroids in the medical practice. This is confirmed by many athletes to use steroids.

4. Reduction of body fat percentage.

This effect was observed, although it is unclear by what mechanism it could happen. Hekotorye experts attribute this phenomenon to the account of the release of high amounts of free fatty acids and use them as a source of energy during intense muscular work.

5. Strengthening of the respiratory (breathing) and heat endurance.

There is reason to believe that by using anabolic steroids increases the number of mitochondria in muscle cells, whereby the cells receive an increased ability to utilize oxygen during heavy training, thus eventually increasing and endurance.

Perhaps more significant is the fact that increases the level of cortisol (stress hormone) produced by the adrenal glands. Hekotorye authors also point to the increasing level of hemoglobin in the blood (the main oxygen-factor), which also increases stamina.

6. Increased muscle vascularity.

It is believed that a slight increase in blood pressure that accompanies the use of steroids causes this effect the expansion of the lumen of blood vessels. This, of course, improves blood flow to the working muscles, which is a favorable factor. Psychologically, it feels like a better filling of the muscles and is called "steroid pump". Besides the obvious cosmetic effect of the pump, it is able to increase muscle performance.

7. Reduce recovery time from injury or after training.

The fact that steroids promote protein synthesis, nitrogen ekskrektsii slowdown, explains why the observed improved recovery from injury or surgery, and especially from hard training. This, of course, increases the efficiency of such training. There better healing of injured ligaments, muscles and bones, less is the possibility of muscle tears or stretching.

8. The increase in the ability to perform more intense or more volume training.

This ability is believed to be the result of increasing the body capacity for re-synthesis of creatine phosphate (CP). Without enough KF muscles get tired very quickly it becomes intolerable concentration of lactic acid. There is also a decreasing tendency to over-training, accompanied by increased degradation (catabolism) of muscle tissue.

9. Hekotorye favorable psychological effects:

• general psychological lift;

• a strong desire to train and excel;

• more aggressive - "fighting qualities";

• Improves mental activity;

• the ability to concentrate better;

• increased tolerance to pain;

• Reduces the ability to put up with poor personal performance;

• increased capacity for setting and achieving goals.

These effects many considered necessary for competing athletes.

The effectiveness of steroids

The molecules of some steroids can stay active for a few weeks, the molecules of the other rapidly mutate in the body, becoming ineffective form after a couple of days after eating. Some steroids have significantly greater efficacy than others. What is defined and on which depends the effectiveness of anabolic steroids? If the answer very briefly, it all depends on the following factors: the specificity of the steroid; the individual characteristics of the organism a particular person; patterns of use of steroids; a sufficient number of amino acids and energy for synthesis of a new protein in the cell (full problem, including a specialized athlete power); level of physical activity when taking drugs, because of their lack of volume will adversely affect the efficacy of the drug (the problem of the correct selection of mode and exercise intensity). Not all steroids have the same chemical structure, which determines the rate of conversion of the drug in the liver into a biologically inactive compound and its excretion from the body and, accordingly, have a different degree of influence on the human body. In general, the formulations having the largest anabolic effect, promote the growth of muscle tissue to the greatest extent. Traditionally, for example, it is believed that drugs such as Anavar, Winstrol and Primobalan steroids are highly anabolic effects on the body. Even more powerful effect have Anadrol, Dianabol and Testosterone. In medicine, anabolic activity of a drug is determined in relation to the anabolic activity of testosterone, which is taken arbitrarily as 1. Similarly expressed androgenic activity of steroids with respect to the androgenic activity of testosterone. The ratio of the anabolic activity for the androgen called anabolic index. Hence it becomes clear that the most valuable is the drug that has the greatest anabolic index (AI), as an indicator of maximum prevalence of androgenic anabolic activity.

In the table below (as YB Bulanov) is anabolic and androgenic activity of different drugs according to different authors, which is used as a standard testosterone. As we have said, another important factor affecting the efficacy of anabolic steroids are the individual characteristics of a particular user's body.

Some athletes have extremely high sensitivity Biotransformiroetsa individual systems, as well as a large number of receptor molecules, entering with a steroid to interact and initiate the complex biological effect. This provides a compound of receptors with a much larger amount of free molecules, which in turn dramatically enhances the anabolic effect. This explains the well-known fact that some weightlifters, taking small doses of steroids, continually increasing productivity. Among individuals and athletes have a small number of receptor molecules in muscle cells, therefore it is effective for their most potent steroids only in high dosages. Very often these people take high doses of various steroids from a mixture without any apparent effect.

How do steroids

The mechanism of action of steroids at the cellular level is very complicated, however, if general, schematic representation of the process should be. Once in the blood, steroid molecules spread throughout the body, where they react to skeletal muscle cells, sebaceous glands, hair follicles, certain areas of the brain and some endocrine glands. Selective accumulation of anabolic steroids and testosterone in the body due to the presence in the cells of the so-called "target organs" - the specific molecular structure of a protein nature, which are called receptors. These intracellular receptors for testosterone, firstly, different from other steroid receptors (estrogen, progestin, corticosteroids, etc.) and, secondly, interacting with both anabolic steroid compounds related to testosterone. In a related form of the steroid-receptor complex is transported through the cytoplasm to the nucleus, where it interacts with proteins. The result is a stimulation of the synthesis of nucleic acid species and "run" the process of formation of new protein molecules. These novel molecules within the cell or used by, or released from the cells and carried by blood (immunoglobulins, fibrinogen, transport proteins and other blood).

Another important aspect is the influence of the anabolic action of anabolic steroids on the permeability and structure of cell membranes and subcellular components. As a result, cells and subcellular structures actively receives nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, macro- and trace elements, oxygen, glucose, fatty acids and many other molecules that are essential for the physiological occurrence of metabolic processes. Anabolic steroids stimulate the synthesis of creatine phosphate and ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which are the main suppliers of energy working muscle cells. ATP is directly involved in the functioning of the contractile proteins of muscle cells. Without it, there is no movement, speed and power.

Also creatine phosphate and ATP, there are other substances that perform energy functions that are active anabolic steroids. It glycogen and lipids (fats). Thus, anabolic steroids stimulate the synthesis of new cells, boost energy production in the body. This explains why anabolic steroids allow more duration and intensity of exercise, as well as increase the strength of the athletes even without significant weight gain. It should be noted that this function is enhanced cellular respiration and oxygen-transport function of blood, as the total number of erythrocytes and blood and increases. Anabolic steroids reduce the formation of blood clots in the microvasculature, and reduce blood clotting, which is essential for improving the microcirculation during intensive physical work. In the last decade, scientists have been found that during intense physical activity in an organism to accumulate free radicals which have a deleterious effect on biological membranes, energy metabolism, and many other functions that facilitate exercise. They are the factors limiting athletic performance. The reduction of the amount of binding and preventing their negative influence leads to the normalization of life cells and restore strength and speed. Virtually all of anabolic steroids have such properties, providing anti-oxidant effects in humans. This fact is known for more than 20 years, but the fact that it is directly related to the sport, it has become apparent recently. Some researchers believe that anabolic steroids decrease the breakdown of muscle fibers caused by intense workouts. It implies the possibility of limiting the activity of cortisol - a catabolic hormone human. There is a view that steroids help to reduce the amount of catabolic hormone entering the muscle tissue. Reducing cortisol increases the effects of anabolic steroids with all the ensuing consequences. Anabolic steroids are also in cells of other organs, besides muscle, as they have a universal effect in humans. However, any effects of steroids, other than the above-mentioned positive, it is considered undesirable side reactions.

What are steroids

Anabolic steroids - a class of drugs that are based on their chemical structure and pharmacological activity similar to testosterone, as its derivatives. They enhance the processes of nucleic acid synthesis, protein in the cells, various enzymes and thereby affect almost all types of metabolism. This ultimately leads to an increase in body weight due to enhanced muscle growth, decrease in percentage of fatty tissue and increase in physical performance: speed-strength and endurance. There are two effects of testosterone action: androgenic and anabolic.

Androgenic effects (maskulizatsiya) manifests itself in the development of secondary male sex characteristics - height and body structure - narrow hips, broad shoulders, masculine facial features, lower body fat, hair growth on the face, low voice, typical of male libido, aggressiveness in behavior and et al. The anabolic effect is primarily due to increased growth of muscle tissue. Speaking of an anabolic steroid with a clear emphasis on the first word, mean, firstly, the desirability of precisely this effect, and, secondly, as it were, in contrast to the term "androgen" emphasize that the steroid by changing the molecular testosterone structure attempt strengthen the function of the impact on the growth of tissue and inhibit the function of the gain of the secondary sexual characteristics.

It should be noted that the drugs, which would fully comply with these requirements, yet failed to create, and almost all anabolic steroids have androgenic action. A molecule of natural testosterone artificially modified to give the property more slowly absorbed by the body for the extension of the anabolic effect. We know that if you take a dose of pure testosterone, the result of natural metabolic processes it will be launched quickly from the body by the liver, unable to exert any significant effect on muscle tissue and other processes, for example, providing an increase of endurance when performing physical work.

To achieve anabolic effect drug should "linger" in the body, to pass several times through the circulatory system before being removed from the body. They try to achieve this by weighting molecules administration of additional steroid chemical structure radicals (a number of chemical compounds), the use of different dosage forms anabolic drugs. From most of the dosage form (tablet, capsule, an oil solution for intramuscular injection, rectal suppository, etc.) Depend on the duration and strength of the drug effect and toxicity.

Once in the blood stream, anabolic steroids bind to transport proteins and in this bound form are carried to all organs. All steroids are poorly soluble in water and well in lipids (fats). Therefore, they accumulate in the lipid membranes of cell structures and other fat depot, from which they may be involved in the long circulation. This effect and the intended dosage form of anabolic steroids in oily solutions. Therefore, if the steroid drugs used in oil solutions, they will have properties much more prolonged exposure to the organism. Enteral (via the gastrointestinal tract) and parenteral (bypassing the gastrointestinal tract) administration characterized in that in the first case, the drug "pass" through the liver and be exposed to its transforming enzymes which neutralize the action of steroids, and in the second case will be possible to circumvent these systems, while steroids do not make a "second revolution" by the circulatory system and does not meet with these systems transformation. In the liver, anabolic steroids undergo chemical modification in the form of related compounds are excreted in the urine. At this stage, they may find experts doping control services. Please be aware that steroid tablets are quite toxic to the liver.

Steroids designed for administration by injection, usually less toxic. In humans, the anabolic effect have also somatotropin (growth hormone - STH) and gonadotropin - pituitary hormones. The first of them acting directly on tissues and organs, the second enhances synthesis of endogenous testosterone in the body. Both are banned for use in the sport of the IOC MC.

Anabolic steroid

Anabolic steroids (AS) used in sports medicine and to stimulate metabolism and a set of muscle mass. This is a large group of pharmacological agents that have an effect on the body similar to the male sex hormone.

Other names:

- anabolic steroids

- Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS, the term is often found in foreign literature)

- androgens

- Among bodybuilders use such slang names like chemicals and vitamins.

In sports, anabolic steroids banned for use since 1976, and is easily detected in doping control, but it does not interfere with bodybuilders, and not only they use them to build muscle and even "healthy".

Anabolic steroids are surrounded by an aura of danger and are positioned in the press as an extremely dangerous drugs, leading to inevitable impotence and other dire consequences, it was true or not cover in this article.

The history of anabolic steroids

For the first time anabolic steroids were isolated from urine in 1931, the first receiving the drug became androstenone. Already in 1934, he learned how to synthesize chemically. In 1935, it was patented method for the synthesis of testosterone, for the development of which in 1939, scientists and Butenandt Ruzicka received the Nobel Prize.

Studies of anabolic steroids on humans have started since 1937, and in 1938 they came to the sport.

During WWII anabolics have been widely studied by the Nazis in concentration camps, there are rumors that they were used on the soldiers, in order to increase aggressiveness and stamina, but it is not officially confirmed. At the same time, it was during this period began the use of anabolic steroids in medicine for muscle recovery prisoners passed through the camp.

In the postwar period and up until 1976 was a race among scientists for the improvement of anabolic steroids and getting new and safer drugs for use in the sport. The ban on the use of anabolic steroids in sport by the International Olympic Committee imposed in 1976, the idea was to stop the development in this direction, especially because since 1986 all athletes are required to undergo a doping control before the competition. However, anabolic steroids have been used in medicine, and is still used illegally sport, so the study and synthesis of new anabolic steroids do not stop.

Effect of anabolic steroids on the body

Effect of anabolic steroids on the body consists of two main areas:

- Anabolic activity - it's effect on metabolism and protein synthesis, building muscle mass.

- Androgenic activity - is the ability to cause the development of male secondary sexual characteristics.

It is clear that the essential is only the first effect, while the second is not desirable, especially when taking anabolic steroids in women, but both areas are inextricably linked, and all efforts in obtaining new drugs are reduced to reduce the symptoms of androgenic activity of steroids. Unfortunately, it is all modern anabolic steroids, the ratio of anabolic and androgenic activity has been called "anabolic index."

How anabolic steroids work in the body?

Anabolics molecules enter the cell and bind to the androgen receptors in the nucleus and the cytoplasm, starting operation of the corresponding genes. The cells react by activating protein synthesis. As a result, we get:

- Accelerating the synthesis of new protein molecules

- The body recovers faster when loading

- The influence of hormones that promote catabolic processes, such as cortisol, decreases

- Fat burning effect - muscle cells are formed more active than fat, metabolism is accelerated, and this leads to the disintegration of the existing fat.

All this together results in an increase in muscle mass and a loss of body fat.

However, when androgen receptor stimulation trigger other changes in the body until impact on the human psyche. All effects of steroids can be divided into two large groups, it is actually anabolic and androgenic.

The effects of steroids

In general, most of the athletes in the process of receiving the AU did not even think about the likely consequences of taking the drug. Their mission - to improve athletic performance and a more rapid increase in muscle mass as possible. It is believed that taking steroids at all is required (do not seem to come to achieve results without them altogether). But we can safely say that this is groundless misconception.

During excessive steroids can greatly expand the pharmacological action of the latter. At the same time they become a real poison that is directly hazardous to the human body. Today we can definitely say that the higher the level of the AU in the body can result for the athlete and all fatal. Much depends on the dosage. Among the most frequent adverse effects can be identified failures in the liver, sleep disorders, the emergence of a powerful body hair, loss of hair on the head and so on.

Some of the negative effects after the administration of the drug can also disappear. But guarantees, of course, no. On the other hand continued to receive AC background already manifested problems can lead to more serious consequences - mental disorders, heart disease and other irreversible problems.

Effect of steroids on the psyche

Another danger of steroids - psychic dependence. Most athletes are no longer able to refuse to accept the AU, after a workout cease to give such clear results. Only an increased health risk can cause a bodybuilder to refrain from such harmful drugs (and then not always). At the same time, as soon as the malfunction of the body should consult a doctor.

An interesting fact is that almost until the mid 80-ies the AU actively used as a means against the mental and nervous disorders. In particular, by taking the drug managed to avoid serious depression and psychosis. After completing the course the patients showed normalization of the nervous system, mood elevation, and a significant reduction in fatigue. On the other hand often had mental breakdowns that contributed to the manifestation of prolonged depression, aggressive outbursts, hallucinations and even violent tendencies.

Today we know many cases where a permanent steroids resulted in violations of the brain and nervous system. Then about an athlete's career can be easy to forget. Sometimes it is even worse - people became disabled for life. And here there is a direct dependence on age. The younger bodybuilder, the more profound changes of mentality he observed.

Effect of steroids on the endocrine system

Anabolic steroids are simply incredible hormonal activity. It is logical that they affect the endocrine system. This is not the best way. Always use the AC leads to the suppression of testosterone in the body of the athlete. Further changes are not difficult to guess - there is testicular atrophy, impaired sperm, suppressed the synthesis of testosterone. Over time, the sperm lose motility and the man - the ability to fertilize. In addition, it increases the likelihood of impotence, which leads man to an even greater crisis, but psychological.

Affect the AU and to women, who often observed ovarian or uterine atrophy, impaired hormonal cycle and so on. With young women occur at all unpleasant change - their voice coarsens increases clitoral size, reduced mammary glands. Gradually, the fair sex gets muzhepodbnye features.

Effect of steroids on the genitourinary system

Steroids have a negative effect on the genitourinary system athlete. Over time, kidney stones are formed, likely deterioration of glomerular function. Significantly increases the likelihood of kidney tumor. In addition, there are high risks of growth of prostatic adenoma.

Refusal of steroids

It is important to remember that the greatest danger bears a sharp rejection of the steroids. The body can not withstand such a sharp change in hormone levels and can respond to increased dizziness, depression advent, runny nose, headache, high blood pressure and other negative factors. Therefore, it is desirable to reduce the dosage of steroids as slowly as possible, so that the body gradually "put up" with an event. Moreover, it is important that the failure of the process of the AU watched the doctor.

Effect of anabolic steroid on the nervous system

Many of the side effects of steroids initially did not notice, because observed only those organs and systems that are responsible for the physical condition. But, for example, in the brain have testosterone receptors, and which makes it a target for the hormone. This property was the medicine: abroad to 80s steroids used for the treatment and prevention of a number of neurological disorders, including depression and psychosis. After a course of hormonal patients reported improvement in mood, memory, increase efficiency.

Anabolic steroids, affecting hormone levels alter brain activity in the same way as do the amphetamines and antidepressants. But with the increase in dosage is noted increased side effects (at low, clinically reasonable dosages side effects also occur, but incomplete spectrum and not explicitly expressed). Cancellation policy led to the development of psychosis, depression. Overdose, even a one-time, causes of hallucinations, increased aggressiveness, depression, addiction to violence.

This note bodybuilders chemists during the course of a steroid. Their dosage may be ten times higher than the recommended by doctors, and the course lasts up to six months. If steroids are taken together with other pharmacological agents, for example, strong diuretics, it only increases aggression. Methods of hormone cycles, with intervals, greatly undermines psyche: there is a frequent change of mood, following receipt of the acceptance or rejection drugs.

Excessive use of steroids leads to profound changes in the central nervous system. Periods of increased excitability and aggressiveness are replaced at times of deep depression. Output from the mental equilibrium is anything, any working time, including not take the weight. Experts managed to quickly find out the reason: Steroids suppress the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, influence of feedback on the limbic system.

The younger the body, the more it is affected by anabolic steroids. It is not just about mental shifts, but also a violation of the growth (testosterone closes the growth zones in the bones, leading to their ossification, although growth hormone stimulates the division contrary cartilage cells) and all the physiological state. Finally, it manifested depending on the drugs and the mental is manifested even more physiological.

Skilled, unfortunately, we were unable to determine exactly what determines the level of psychological dependence: a number of athletes with her face does not - they have shown only physical. Adverse psychological effects in some athletes are retained even after the cancellation of the course, while others - immediately disappear from third - missing only after some time.

Physicians have come to the conclusion that much of the impact of steroids on the nervous system is determined by the individual characteristics and, to a lesser extent, dosage. And if a professional bodybuilder all it can to track and match, thanks to numerous analyzes, tests and brainstorming professional doctors, the fan will have to rely solely on their abilities, and feelings, in general, imperfect tools.

How do steroids affect the potency?

Do not tense debate about the effects of steroid drugs on male potency. So I want to clarify and answer the question "Are steroids affect the potency," and to make it accessible and concise.

In most cases, to the use of these drugs have resorted men who are regular visitors to the different sports sections. Of course, regular exercise greatly improve health and have a positive effect on the physical form. Men's potency is enhanced by special exercises, which should be aimed at improving the circulation and blood flow to the pelvic organs. This may be training with a focus on leg muscles, hips, variations of squats with or without him. Steroids help increase muscle mass much faster sports, but they are not always completely safe.

The more enthusiasm for physical exercise, the stronger health and potency as well.

How do steroids affect the potency?

Everyone has heard that steroids are very harmful. I consider it necessary to deal with this issue in more detail.

Under the influence of steroids the body gets an artificial version of the hormone testosterone, which men force depends directly. Thus, the potency increases, but over time, the body realizes that its own production of hormones is no longer needed, because there they receive from the outside. There is a natural decrease in testosterone, which is no longer produced. Without receiving funds potency tablets steroidosoderzhaschih very weakened. There is a vicious circle.

Can I prevent this process?

Yes, it is quite possible to do. I want to give some valuable advice:

It is necessary to reduce the consumption of a daily dose of steroids and their use only in the form of tablets, without using an injection form. The result of the use, of course, will be lower, but a negative effect on sexual function decline;

Try to change the drug to a softer, which has a mild effect on the body as a whole. These include: testenat, Sustanon, testosterone cypionate, and others;

Perhaps the use of antiandrogens subject dosing. It should not be abused, as it is set to stop muscle. Very useful when a weak force men to massage to enhance potency.

The mistake of many is the belief that a long course ensures long-term treatment and recovery afterwards. This is not quite true. The length does not depend on the frequency of use of steroids. The main task will be the selection of an individual rehabilitation program that will ensure the normal functioning of all body systems.

The effect of steroids on the size and penile erection

Reduces whether the use of steroids is your penis?

The answer is - no! But your testicles become smaller - steroids squeeze your testicles, because when you enter an extra testosterone in the body, once the signal is in the testicles that it is not enough and you need more. Testes shrink and phase expected when testosterone your body will need again. Testicles shrink each individual: there are those in whom they do not shrink. Rich Piana takes steroids for 25 years and his testicles shrank by 25%.

Increases whether use of steroids penis size?

With regard penis size then all is simple. The use of steroids increases the blood supply in your body to 8-16%. You have a better sense of the pampas, better muscle engorged because more blood running through your veins. The same happens when you have an erection - in your body more blood, therefore blood flow to the penis is increased by an average of 10% during erection. He will zhosche and more. As for relaxing not erect state here there is the same - due to a larger volume of blood in the body, the penis increases by 8-16%. That's for certain, "chemists" the very reason that it is difficult sometimes to get off the course of steroids. During the course of the testosterone in the body increased, longer erections, bigger penis, more willing to have sex, do you feel more confident.

After the course of becoming a member of a size as before, but this is no reason for sadness. Testicles grow, since begin to work and develop your testosterone. Of course after use of steroids, is the first month post-cycle depression and your testosterone drops rapidly. That is why before the end of the course you need to take steroids testosterone boosters.

Reasonable choice for acquisition of a bodybuilding supplements.

In the nutrition of children and adolescents involved in sports, it is possible and desirable to use PPBTS. However, it should be emphasized that PPBTS contribution to the total caloric intake should not exceed 5.10%, but their use in large amounts should not be long.

With regard to diet, then for the young athletes a large supply frequency is recommended (5-6 times a day), including the reception PPBTS. In the world of business and sports people, such as here, buy steroids for sale are always reliable. At the same time it is important to combine increased physical activity and food. Children do not have to come to the gym hungry. After a workout meals should be organized so that there was a large gap in time between the training and the subsequent meal.


Traditional methods for the distribution of food (and% of total calories) for young athletes is as follows: Breakfast - 25-30%, dinner - 35%, mid-morning snack - 5 to 10%, dinner - 25%. Possible fifth meal (depending on the mode of training) - it can be either a lunch (5-10%), or the second dinner (5%) and yogurt before going to bed.

Physical performance of young athletes is largely dependent on the compliance of actual nutrition physiological needs of the organism. Bodybuilding supplements really work , otherwise they would not be so popular for a long time . Only the combination of rationally-designed educational and trenirochnogo process and adequately balanced diet can achieve high results.

If you have seriously decided to maximize the growth potential of your muscles, then bodybuilding supplements are a requirement.

In the previous chapter discusses power professional athletes and young athletes who are preparing to become professionals. The faster growing muscle tissue when taking anabolics the less need time to recover between workouts. However, many more people involved in sports in order to strengthen health, improve the functional and active longevity. The Russian amateur athletes often called athletes. The reader is engaged in physical training with an improving orientation, should know not only how to organize their driving mode, but in this case eat rationally.

Identify the most common mistakes in dealing with nutrition of mass physical culture helped analyze rations from the standpoint of the theory of a balanced diet.

The fundamental error is in violation of the optimal ratio between the basic components of food: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. More often than not overly fond of high-calorie and high-refined products - sources of fats and carbohydrates. In excess consume animal fats (butter, ghee, cream, fatty sausages, etc.), Which ultimately leads to a deficiency of the indispensable components as unsaturated fatty acids.

The rations involved mass physical culture and abundant contained pastries, cakes, pies, all kinds of sugary soft drinks, sugar, cookies, candy, ice cream and so on. N. In bodybuilding supplements, as in any means of promoting the development of the physical body , has its own secrets of use. Bread is mostly used only white, and cereal consumption and bakery products from wheat flour extremely limited. Furthermore, there is inadequate intake of fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries, juices, which in turn leads to poor balance of power in the mineral and vitamin content, to the insecurity of the body's dietary fiber and many biologically active substances. Noteworthy and extremely narrow and uniform range of products used in the diet. All this indicates a low level of food culture.

With bodybuilding supplements efforts on adding muscle through proper nutrition and weight lifting will not be wasted.

Thus, summarizing the above, two eating disorders can distinguish involved mass physical culture - an obvious imbalance of diet on the one hand, and excessive calorie - with the other.

But these are not limited to errors in the diet of amateur athletes. Often not regulated diet, food taken 2-3 times a day, usually with copious reception in the evening. We are ready to answer any doubts and questions, if you are thinking to buy or not to buy steroids for sale. It is adequate even if the energy value of the diet has an adverse effect on health.

These errors largely contribute to the emergence of various diseases, in particular, the emerging currently worldwide trend to increase the number of persons with overweight and obesity. According to experts, it is overweight about 50% of the population in Russia, and about one in four is obese. This problem is all the more urgent that established a clear link obesity with early development of atherosclerosis, hypertension and gall-stone disease, diabetes. Excessive intake of fried meat, fish, mushroom dishes, strong meat broths, spicy and salty snacks leads to widespread serious diseases of the digestive system. Bodybuilding supplements provide the natural food nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates , fats and vitamins. Nitrogen-containing extractives and purine bases properly cooked meat, fish, mushroom dishes hamper prevention and treatment of many diseases of the kidneys, heart, pancreas, liver and biliary tract.

When buy steroids online, time to make the right choice for you.

As is well known, active sports require changes in the consumption of proteins of animal or vegetable origin. You do not know where to find anabolics for sale at an available price and from the most popular manufacturers? The diet of young athletes the proportion of animal protein (meat, offal, fish, poultry, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, milk) should be at least 60%, which will provide the desired optimum amino acid composition. The remaining 40% comes from vegetable proteins. This ratio of animal and vegetable protein is recommended to follow at every meal. In special cases, animal proteins may be 80%. For example, during the period of training, aimed at the development of such qualities as speed-strength, as well as with an increase in muscle mass, performing long and arduous training loads.

The recommended values of daily needs of essential nutrients, vitamins and energy for young athletes (M - According to modern scientific data, the most favorable ratio of proteins and fats in the diet of young athletes - 1: 0.8-0.9 (with the exception of winter sports, equestrian and motor sport, sailing). Buy steroids online is securely, because these products were repeatedly tested in the best laboratory systems. The proportion of vegetable fats should be 25-30% of the total amount of fat that will provide optimal content in the diet polinenasyschinyh fatty acids. In particular, be contributed lipolevoy acid 3-4% of total calories.

What is the difference between a buyer of pharmaceuticals and people who buy steroids online?

Carbohydrate metabolism in children and adolescents is characterized by high intensity. In this case, unlike the adult human body, the body of the child does not have the capacity for rapid mobilization of domestic resources and the maintenance of carbohydrate necessary intensity of glucose metabolism by increasing physical activity. For anabolic steroids have common names, for example, Juice, Roids and Stackers. Young athletes, in this connection, it is recommended the basic weight of carbohydrates (65-70% of the total) to use with food and a polysaccharide (starch), 25-30% of the must-Com DIP.01 into simple and digestible carbohydrates (sugar, fructose, glucose) and 5% dietary fiber.

Demand for minerals, especially in potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron in young athletes is significantly higher, what their peers. Using biochemical methods of monitoring found that the age of 11-16 years, about 26-29% of young athletes have a reduced performance ferrostatusa. This demonstrates early forms of iron deficiency occurs. Especially often inadequate supply of iron is found in 15-16 year old athletes. When you buy steroids online, you do not risk for the sake of profit you make an effective contribution to the development of his body. This accounts for the middle age of puberty, when there are significant changes in the structure and functions of the nervous, endocrine and other systems. Therefore, the young athlete body most exposed to various negative impacts, especially in the context of high levels of physical activity. Iron deficiency anemia of various forms require dieting, is a combination of low-fat meat food with fruits and vegetables.

People who buy steroids online to buy them for a very specific purpose, and therefore, have a working knowledge of the effects and side effects too.

In addition, a survey of young athletes have shown that they have a vitamin deficiency, a particularly important role in ensuring the stability and intensity of metabolic processes. Anabolics for sale to help induce puberty in men who suffer from delayed puberty . Usually variations in vitamin provision related to the insufficiency in the diet of vegetables, fruits and berries. Inclusion in the diet of vegetables (300-400 grams a day), fruits, berries, juice (500 grams a day) makes it possible to eliminate a vitamin deficiency. However, an increased need for vitamins and young athletes can not always be met by the diets, especially in winter and spring as well as during periods of very intense training or competition. In these cases, additional fortification should be better integrated, in strict accordance with the instructions and the application. It should be remembered that prolonged overdose of vitamins leads to gipervitaminizatsii and other negative consequences. People from different areas of activity can buy steroids online: racing, sports and bodybuilding. In accordance with the recommended standards is about sets of products, should be targeted at the organization of nutrition for young athletes (tab. 16). Principles of nutrition of adults and young athletes during the competition is almost the same.

It is not secret that using anabolics allows you to quickly.

It is known that good nutrition, providing optimal flow of metabolic processes at the same time has a significant impact on child resistance of the organism and production of immunity to various diseases, improves its performance and endurance, promotes normal physical and psychological development. Beautiful woman in female bodybuilding makes proper use of anabolic steroids. In modern conditions the value of the supply increases substantially due to the influence on the formation of a growing body of such social factors as the sharp acceleration of the pace of life, an increase in received cognitive information, changing conditions of education in the family, involvement in physical culture and sports, and others. How does the anabolics provide growth muscle mass? Power is at and not only one, but the major cause of the recent worldwide new biological phenomenon - acceleration - the accelerated physical development and sexual maturation of children and adolescents.

It is found that children need for food depends on the age, body weight, sex, climate, season. But above all this dominated age indicator.

We should not forget that the anabolics - it is a serious pharmacological drug that must be taken in accordance with the recommendations.

For the child's education at the school of his body undergoes a significant leap in development. Height increases by 40-50 cm, weight - more than 1 ia 30 kg, chest circumference -. 20 cm for ten years continues ossification and skeletal growth, which is due to high levels of mineral metabolism. Develop internal organs, the nerve cells in the brain. Why steroids have become used as bodybuilding supplements and sports medicine? The volume of the heart increases annually by approximately 25%. VC (vital capacity) increases in boys with 1400 ml of 7 years to 2000 ml in 11 years, and up to 2700 ml in 15 years, in girls - respectively from 1200 ml to 1900 ml and up to 2500-2600 ml. The capacity of the stomach reaches 750-800 ml to 10 years and 1500-2000 ml to 16 years for boys and girls. With K) years beginning enhanced intestinal growth. In 14-15 years, the most actively growing liver. The composition and quality of the blood in the body of the child 7-12 years is not significantly different from those of an adult. For 7-10 years of age resistance characteristic nerve processes in the central nervous system. In 11-13 years there are secondary sexual characteristics, strongly functioning endocrine glands. Nervous system in this age is fragile. During puberty, endocrine glands are undergoing significant restructuring. Dramatically increases the excitability of the nerve centers of the cerebral cortex and inhibitory processes are weakened. As a teenager, finally formed the internal organs and strenuously developed muscular system. Anabolics synthesized on the basis of the male sex hormone testosterone. The most active muscle growth occurs between 15 and 17 years. At 16, it is 44.2% of the total body weight (age of 8 - 27.2%). By this time, the forming of innervation of muscles and motor coordination unit reaches the highest level.

But why anabolics is called the constructing hormone of the body?

Taking into account the physiological and biochemical characteristics of an organism of children and adolescents following age criteria are set that determine the need for essential nutrients and energy: primary school - 7-10 years, mean - 11-13 years of age and older, or adolescence, age - 14-17 years .

Currently, the sport has a significant place in the life of the younger generation. Women tend to look after their body with special attention and taste, which is manifested in the female bodybuilding. Features of biochemical and physiological processes, due to the influence of systematic muscular activity, require appropriate changes in the power of young athletes.

Energy costs of young athletes is significantly higher than their peers not involved in sports. It should be borne in mind that for the sports activity is characterized by the intensity of energy consumption and uneven, often combined with neuro-mental load, which can significantly increase energy consumption. In young athletes the energy consumption associated with motor activity, constitute 34-38% of total energy consumption per day. Using anabolics increases the metabolism and assimilation of process materials that go into building a living body tissue and simultaneously weakens the exchange reaction associated with the disintegration of complex organic substances.

A special role in the diet of children and adolescents involved in sports, given to proteins. Lack of protein in the diet delays the growth, lowers resistance to infectious diseases, affects the mental development. However, proteins in excess and undesirable diet. It reduces resistance to stressful situations, causes premature puberty.

We know where to find the best anabolics for sale.

The chemical composition of the diet should take into account the specific changes in the metabolism of minerals an athlete. Steroids are used in the medical science to treat a large number of diseases including cancer. It is recommended to increase the ration of equivalents of alkali - is potassium, calcium, magnesium, which are sources of vegetable, fruit and mineral water, protein and digestible composition of amino acid in the products.

Analysis of actual nutrition of athletes of different qualification shows that a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables by the number and range - the most typical supply error. Physiologically the right to be considered a free choice of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day in the organization of power athletes. Anabolics for sale only on proven and certified manufacturers. In this case, a large amount of these products has no adverse effects on the digestive organs, does not lead to disorders and increase the volume of the stomach and intestines.

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The driven tab. 11 shows the main power supply problems, the means and methods of their solutions in predsorevnovatelny and competition periods of a year cycle of training and competition. Imported and domestic PPBTS widespread in the practice of sports, but their use does not always meet the recommended schemes. Is it possible to buy anabolic steroids online without a prescription? It must be remembered that the unregulated use of such products may lead to an imbalance of nutrients in the diet and negatively affect the general and special performance. On the contrary, the use of correct tactics PPBTS given the nature of physical activity and overall diet has always been accompanied by positive changes in the health of athletes.

Modern PPBTS market is full of imported products. We are in Table 12 (on the S. and S. Malyutin Samarin) led the list of some of them. Their bioavailability is very diverse. Where to find the highest quality and cheap anabolics for sale? It has the advantage of a balanced mixture of animal protein or a mixture of animal and vegetable (plant no more than 40%). Required inclusion in a mixture of essential vitamins and salts. It is important to be a real athlete's daily requirement of protein. There is no serious evidence that athletes (even bodybuilders) should be more than 2.5-3 g of protein per kg of body weight.

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The above figures are typical for the sportsmen training program for national championships and international competitions. The majority of readers is more forgiving training regimes. While you relax steroids work by slowing the breakdown of existing muscle tissue and stimulating the differentiation of cells rather than fat. On average, 80 kg of body weight of anabolic training requires 2 g protein per 1 kg of body weight, ie. E. 160 grams of protein a day. Correctly if 80-100 g protein supplied with habitual food, and 60-80 g of (2 x 30-40 g) in the form of a cocktail of protein PPBTS orientation.

The best thing in 40-60 minutes after exercise, and always, when you want to have, to have on hand only PPBTS (with anabolic training can not be hungry!). Studies show that overreliance on amount of protein is fraught with consequences, associated with the future of obesity, salt deposition, liver and kidney dysfunction, and so on. N.

When buying a protein concentrates have to take into account their biological value. Anabolics for sale the most famous and high quality brands To do this, compare the content of essential amino acids in 1 gram PPBTS protein containing the same amino acids in 1 gram of "ideal" protein. For an adult human (male) as the ideal protein amino acid is used the scale of FAO / WHO Committee (1) to calculate amino acid soon (2).

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The biochemical and physiological processes of recovery of the body begins with the first minutes of the end of the exercise. Just think, the product, which is a popular half a century , you can now buy steroids online. As already noted, in many sports training are often associated with the loss of large amounts of water and salts, which is accompanied by a feeling of thirst. Most effectively compensate for these losses, you can use slightly acidic and mineralized slabosladkih drinks. Of these, physiologically adequate isotonic solutions hypo- and carbohydrate-mineral complexes.

The range of such products in the sports practice is quite wide. Among them is possible to allocate such drinks as "Olympics", "Olympics" and "Victoria". Today is not a problem to find anabolic steroids online. With substantial dehydration of the athlete needed 4-6-percent solution, which can be drunk to the full satisfaction of the subjective feelings of thirst in the first phase of recovery after physical exertion.

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Another important point that must be observed in these cases - a rapid recovery of the body's energy reserves and the creation of favorable conditions for the occurrence of metabolic plastic exchange. Why female bodybuilding achieved fame and popularity? To this end, in recent years often use a directional PPBTS carbohydrate containing glucose polymers and fructose, or a similar mixture containing honey, starch hydrolysis products. It is believed that the fructose solution, the intensity is reduced glycogen stores in the body in the early hours after exhausting physical exertion endurance than glucose solutions. If the load endurance has been associated with significant speed-strength or power efforts, more than adequate for the body to use in the early phase of recovery PPBTS complex composition, such as domestic products - halva "Fit", "Nut-protein concentrate", "Synthesis" "TSA" and import "energy" , their direct impact on the acceleration of the recovery process proved experimentally. The most suitable is the use of the following scheme PPBTS athletes in recovery from speed-strength endurance work: Immediately after training the athlete is invited to hypo- or isotonic carbohydrate-mineral drink (6-percent solution "Games"), and after 35-45 minutes - PPBTS protein directivity in liquid form (20-30 g protein). You can find information about many different types of anabolic steroids online. After 20 minutes (or later) is recommended main meal. When the main power thrice and twice a day for training in the use of such a scheme skaters PPBTS leads to a significant increase in the special performance.

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In the context of training camp rowers-academics, it was found that one-time use PPBTS (protein paste "Fit") during the period of recovery after the second training for 10 days also contributes to increase the athletes performance.

The above data indicate that in training, developing speed-strength endurance, you must pay attention to the power frequency. Due to some advantages worth buy steroids online? Special requirements apply to the recovery period of the main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). In the first hours after the end of the long endurance training is recommended mostly liquid foods: jelly, fruit compote, pureed soups, puddings, liquid porridge and other dishes and products rich in carbohydrates.

Analysis of the application of fat diets in cyclic sports and comparison of observations with biochemical control data enable us to conclude that fat diet after prolonged use of medium and small power (aerobic zone) conserve muscle glycogen and increase the activity of enzymes of lipolysis and lipogenesis. You can always buy anabolic steroids online without a prescription. The use of such diets, a part of which can include rich vegetable fats PPBTS ( "Nut-protein", "Synthesis", halva "Fit"), during training at a power of work 50-60% of the IPC (maximum oxygen consumption) can have a direct effect on the physical performance of the athlete.