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Methandienone Injection

Methandienone Injection

Methandienone Injection

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Substance: methandienone injectable
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General information about Methandienone Injection in the US and the UK

Methandienone Injection as an active ingredient is one of the most popular anabolic steroids. Dianabol is also commonly known as methandrostenolone, it is a modification of testosterone molecules with increased half anabolic activity and a reduced androgenic activity.

What Methandienone Injection of Genesis?

This is a relatively new injectable methandienone, which helps to quickly and efficiently gain muscle mass due to the activation of protein synthesis, as well as fluid retention in the tissues. Achieved a significant increase in power performance, there is a slight split of subcutaneous fat, increased appetite and strengthen the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints and improves function).

The active drug substance was first synthesized in the United States by Ciba in the late 50's, and had an extensive medical use. Within a few years, manufacturers have created different steroid analogs of the original material and spread it around the world, there was a considerable demand for the good. Injectable anabolic versions began to appear only in access in recent years. One of the best representatives of their just yet is the genesis of the product.
Due to the high efficiency and a wide range of applications Dianabol Inzhekshen as its injectable counterparts from other manufacturers, it is rapidly gaining popularity. Weightlifters, bodybuilders and other athletes methandrostenolone widely loved, so the news of the appearance on the market of its excellent injection version could not fail to attract attention. This is a great alternative for athletes who experience complications when taking tablets or capsules.
The main mechanism of action is tied to Methandienone Injection interacting with androgen receptor cells, improving oxygen delivery to the tissues, activating production of erythropoietin, enhanced protein synthesis. What is important is that the drug can be easily flavored, so athletes prone to the appearance of estrogenic side effects often requires receiving anti-estrogen agents.

Detection time of the drug in the body up to 120 days. The injectable form of the steroid from the tablet has a more prolonged period of activity after application. However, the difference is not huge and receive injections still recommended on a daily basis or at least every other day. After completion of all admission is also required post-cycle therapy. Firstly, you need to take care of the recovery of natural testosterone, and secondly, to fix the received in a set of muscle mass, increase strength and endurance results.

How to take Methandienone Injection?

Because this substance is potent in fact an analog of testosterone with altered properties, its use should be strictly according to instructions from the strict observance of dosage.
How to take Methandienone Injection for medicinal purposes, you can find out by visiting the forum of our site. Here you will be able to consult with experienced athletes or professionals in our shop, ask questions, and receive help in the preparation of individual courses of the drug. As is known, the individual - is the right approach, not only in sport.

Standard application Methandienone Injection for men is carried out at a dose of 50 mg per day or at least every other day for 6-8 weeks of treatment. Common opinion that increased dosage gives the best growth figures are misleading. In this case, possible overdose, fraught with increased side effects, rather than sporting achievements.
For women, the use of steroid, unless the Council, but only in a reduced dosage - 5-10 mg and no more. Otherwise, increase the risk of virilization symptoms - features peculiar to males (deepening of the voice, strong hair growth on the body and face, and so on). In general, the excess of the recommended dose and frequency of injection is possible for advanced / professional athletes in predsorevnovatelny time when due to the increase of physical activity reduced the period of activity of the active ingredient. Beginners, women and men, excessive doses have not been consulted.

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