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Package: 10 mg/tab. (100 tab.)
Substance: oxandrolone
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General information about Oxandrolon in the US and the UK

Oxandrolone - is a famous synthetic steroid. In the markets of many countries it is also known by names such as Anavar, oxandrin ..


The course of the drug is intended to improve athlete muscle relief.
On average, the rate has a duration of 6 to 8 weeks.
The drug is best to start with small doses. This will allow the body to adapt and assimilate better prepared itself.
In the absence of side effects and any deviation, it is necessary to continue the reception. Therefore, you have to constantly monitor the State steadily own health and well-being.
The best of everything before the course to consult with your doctor. This is done in order to identify contraindications to the body of the athlete, which would interfere with the normal absorption of the drug and its effects.
After 2-3 days after discontinuation of the drug core, it is necessary to begin after the course of therapy. For this purpose, Tamoxifen is a drug well known and effective.
Tamoxifen shall not be harvested only in a safe manner the drug from the body, but also to allow the resumption of the production of testosterone, which was abolished during the treatment.
In addition, in order to achieve greater efficiency, it is recommended that you take a course together in one complex of sports nutrition.
The formula of the drug makes it suitable not only for courses in solo, but also in combination with other drugs, which of course is a very good point.
Thus the drug acts in combination with steroids such as Sustanon, almost all the esters of testosterone, Primobolan.
Courses combined not only will get a beautiful relief of the body, but it will also give a significant increase in lean body mass.


Dose if it is alone in the course is approximately 20 mg per day. With this dose is recommended to begin a course. If after a week no abnormality was not found in the body, the dose twice - up to 40 mg. The maximum dose allowed is about 80 mg.

Therefore, it should be noted that the medication early in the course can be divided into two stages and, in addition, with increased dose in three stages. This is done both for convenience and for the best athlete absorption of the active ingredients of the steroid in human beings.
With respect to the dose after the course of therapy, the dose of tamoxifen, should be approximately 10 mg per day for 1 - 2 weeks.


The drug does not have almost toxic effects to the human liver.
Also, can not be converted and aromatizing into estrogen, which in turn helps prevent problems such as swelling and gynecomastia.
However, its excess of dosage can cause testicular atrophy. In addition, athletes may experience decreased libido and erectile dysfunction, reduction of natural testosterone, decreased appetite.

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