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Terms & Conditions

We are on the steroid market since 2012 and for such a long period of work we have established some rules and conditions to ensure our safety and the quick and quality service for you. In order to everything and worked ask you to adhere to certain conditions.

1. Do not ask too many questions are off topic.

2. Do not try to persuade our dealer meet with you as this will cause suspicion about your attitude to the law enforcement agencies and of itself, you will be added to the black list, and blocked on the ip address, in consequence of which the access to the site will be closed to you.

3. make timely prepayment and do not ask to send you a free package as evidence of our work, convinced of our honesty, you will be able to read reviews.

4. korektno specify a shipping address to avoid any problems and unnecessary running around.

5. Do not forget about the minimum rate of registration of the order, the minimum order price is strictly fixed and can not be less than 500 $.

Orders that will be decorated for the sum less than 1000 rubles will be automatically onulirovatsya.Sincerely shop Administration