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Testosterone Enanthate Injection

Testosterone Enanthate Injection

Testosterone Enanthate Injection

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Substance: testosterone enanthate
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General information about Testosterone Enanthate Injection in the US and the UK

Testosterone Enanthate Injection production British Dispensary Thai pharmaceutical company - it is a powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid with a lot of positive qualities and effects - on the boost force to stimulate the growth of muscle mass. Interestingly, this steroid and its long exposure, lasting about two full weeks.
Use this injectable testosterone ester mainly in sport (bodybuilding, weightlifting, etc.). This is the main scope of application: the athletes are turning to this steroid when you need to quickly and significantly to gain muscle mass, as well as to achieve the effect Pumping, increase strength and other indicators that are relevant to sports practice. Preparation described can be useful in medicine: testosterone has a long and often used in the treatment of various types of tumors in women during menopause and during replacement therapy, when there is insufficient functioning of male sex glands.

The basis of the described preparation, as you can tell from the name, is a popular and common while enantatny testosterone ester, endowed with 100 percent androgenic and anabolic activity of the original male hormone. For the first time in the market of pharmaceutical active ester it appeared in the middle of the 20th century: in the 50 years he was the first oil from the extension of the steroid in the West and in many respects therefore, but not only, enjoyed the rabid demand. Today, the picture has not changed much, enantatny air is still popular and is still regularly used by athletes, and all thanks to the diverse and multiple positive effects.

By the way about which significant properties and effects during the course can be injection data for which they are valued in sports circles:

  • Provision of a large growth of muscle mass;
  • The positive effect on the function of the joints (due to accumulation of water);
  • The rapid increase in power performance;
  • The strongest effect Pumping (muscle pump);
  • Stimulation reducing processes in the body;
  • Increase motivation and desire to train;
  • Improve the overall vitality.

At the same time, remarkably, Testosterone enanthate by British Dispensary, produced by injection, has also long action. After all, the term of its activity more than two weeks (an average of about 15 days from the date of application). Identify the fact that steroid use during a doping test is possible only for a few months (the detection time - 4 months after the last use).
However, it is understood that the Testosterone Enanthate Injection of British Dispensari able to exercise on the course is not only positive but also some side effects. In particular it is known that it is a steroid flavoring, which means that when it is receiving an athlete can disturb such estrogenic "pobochki" as an increase in body fat, gynecomastia and fluid retention in the body. To smooth out these variations athletes usually use drugs, antiestrogens (Clomiphene or Tamoxifen).
There is also a possibility that currently give to know some androgenic side effects of Testosterone enanthate from British Dispensari, for example, acne acne, excess body hair body and face, increased fat content of the skin.

Important: for sport British Dispensary Testosterone Enanthate Injection is recommended to be used mainly for men, for women, this drug should not be used due to the high androgenic activity (may have virilization characteristic of such deviations as deepening of the voice, changes in body shape male pattern body hair growth entity, etc.).
And something else that is important for memory storage of the steroid from the database for safety should be implemented in a dark and dry place, protected from further exposure to light and moisture. Also it during storage should hide away from pets and children. This is a precaution.

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